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A non verbal response indicat9ing agreement would be?
Nodding head up and down.
An open-ended question or statement would be:
Tell me about your night
Saying "Why did you do that?" to a patient is an example of:
A probing question
An example of offering self would be saying:
"I'll sit with you for 20 minutes"
When you are conducting an assessment interview, time will be saved by:
Telling the patient what data you already have
What is the average distance that people put between yourself and a new acquaintance in America?
18 inches to 4 feet
What is this distance called?
Personal space
When people are not acquainted they maintain a distance of what?
4 to 12 feet
Give an example of restating if the patient says "My son hasn't been to visit in months!":
"Your son hasn't been here in months?"
If a patient says the family came over and we had coffee, then I couldn't sleep a wink, and the nurse says "Are you saying that the coffee kept you awake?" That's an example of:
Sample general leads:
Tell me more about that
Tell me how your night was
I hear you're being discharged today, what do you think about that?
An example of a general lead would be:
Uh Huh, go on
Giving report should take how long?
1-3 minutes
Go on is a:
General lead
Tell me more about that is an:
Openended statement
I'll sit with you is:
Offering self
You might want to think about:
Looking at alternatives
I'll be back in 15 minutes is:
Giving information
Why did you do that? is:
Probing question
Gina is an excellent nurse! is:
Defensive response