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A factor that increases risk of pressure ulcer formation is:
Generalized edema
A reddened area on the sacrum should be:
Protected with a thin dressing such as opsite or tegaderm
There is a reddened open abraded area over the left hip. This is a ______ pressure ulcer
Stage II
You assist someone with a pressure ulcer to improve healing ability by:
Proper nutrition with adequate protein and vitamin c
It is important to refrain from talking when:
The wound is uncovered
When the closed wound drainage system becomes 2/3 full, what do you do?
Empty it, then recompress the device
A systemic effect of cold therapy is:
Shunting the blood from the periphery to the central organs
When teaching the patient how to apply a cold pack, you would say what?
Leave the pack in place for 20 minutes out of each hour for the first 24 hours
When applying an ice pack, it is necessary to:
Use a light cover on the pack
Safety factors involved in using an aquathermia pad unit for a patient include:
Inspecting the plug and cord for cracks and fraying.
When giving a hot soak treatment, it is most important to:
Test the temperature of the solution
A dressing that has a moist yellow-red stain on it should be charted as
A safety device which is too tight may result in _____ of the distal part of the extremity.