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What are two cardiotonics
Digoxin, digitalis
What is a diuretic
What does the cardiotonic do?
Strengthens action of the heart
What does a diuretic do?
Reduce edema and increase urinary output
Name an antihistamine
Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)
Nursing consideration for cardiotonic?
Take pulse rate before and after
Whats a nursing intervention for antihistamines?
Do not operate heavy equipment, increase fluid intake
What is an example of an antitussive?
What is proventil
Bronodialator, anti asthmatic
Anaphylaxis is:
Severe allergic reaction
Is antihistamine an agonist or antagonist?
If a drug is highly protein bound what happens?
Very little gets to the target tissue
When you give a drug, how do you document it?
drug, route, dose, time, etc. on an MAR
What is a therapeutic range?
The range that will put the desired level of the drug in the blood stream without the side effects.
What are the 3 classifications of drugs
* effect on a body system
* the symptoms the drug relieves
* the drugs desired effect
Common reason for noncompliance:
Not understanding the drug and what it does for them
How are doses calculated for a child?
Based on age, size and weight
For a drug to meet FDA standards, what does it have to do:
Purity, potency, efficiacy, bioavailability, safety
How much fluid does a pt need to take in to eliminate drugs?
50 ml per kg per day
What is the duration of action of a drug?
Length of time it exerts a pharmacological effect
Toxic effects of a drug occur when:
The blood level rises above the therapeutic range
old people who are on anti-inflammatory drugs must be monitored for?
GI bleeding
What does MDI mean?
Metered dose inhaler
What is the drug classification for inhibiting clotting of blood?
What is the drug classification for reducing congestion and allergic reactions?
What classification of drugs relieves anxiety and promotes sleep?
Hypnotics sedatives
What classification of drugs relieves cough?
What classification of drugs increases mental alertness?
What classification of drugs reduces inflammation and pain?
Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Codeine is an:
Furosemide is a
Diuretic (Lasix)
Digoxin is a :
Diphenhydramine is a:
Antihistamine (benadryl)
Why is the unit dose system safest?
The dose prescribed is the dose dispensed.
Medications that should not be crushed for administering in a feeding tube are:
Sublingual, enteric coated, or sustained release
What system is used to measure med dosage in US?
Mostly metric, some apothecary
All medication orders are stopped when?
A patient undergoes anesthesia or surgery
What's the difference between a linimint and a lotion?
Linimints are rubbed in, lotions are just put on.
When pouring a liquid medication, how do you determine when you have enough?
look at the meniscus at eye level