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Flush with how much water between each med?
5 ml
What is the most important factor to note about stools?
What is the valsalva maneuver?
Holds breath, closses glottis, tightens abdominal muscles. Increases intra-abdominal pressure
What is melena?
Dark tarry substance - blood
What is steatorrhea?
Abmormally fatty stools - foul smell, float
Any pt at bed rest is at risk for?
What medications may contribute to constipation?
Narcotic analgesics General anesthetic, diuretics, sedatives, antidepressants, anticholinergics, calcium channel blockers
Mineral oil as a laxative does what?
Interferes with vitamin absorption
Barium enemas can cause what?
Very active bowel sounds mean what?
Diarrhea may be coming
If a pt has not had a bm in how long, do you need to take measures?
3 days
What is the longest that self medication for diarrhea should occur?
48 hours
What should the volume of an enema for an adult be?
500 to 1000 ml
How long do you hold a retention enema?
30 mins
Where should the enema container be held?
12 - 18 inches above anus
Temp of solution should be?
105 degrees
How many enemas can be given before checking with MD
How far in do you go for an adult?
2 to 4 inches
What is the vagal response?
May cause slow pulse or cardiac dysrhythmia
When using stool softeners, how much fluid intake?
2500 ml
What are appliances
Devices to catch output
After ileostomy, the stoma will secrete mucous for how long??
48 hours
What is effluent?
Fecal matter
What foods may decrease stool odor?
Spinach, parsley, beet greens, buttermilk yogurt
What foods increase flatus:
Beef carbonated beverages dried peas and beans
How often do you empty an ileostomy?
4 X a day
What foods to avoid for an ostomy pt?
Popcorn, fruits with seeds
What does a pale stoma mean?
Compromised blood supply
How often should bowel status be monitored?
Every patient every day
How is fecal impaction treated?
Oil retention enema followed several hours later by cleansing enema