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If a man had day stay surgery and can not void what do you do?
Assist him to stand by the side of the bed to void
What kind of technique do you use when inserting an indwelling catheter?
What is the most common kind of catheter used for a woman?
What size is commonly used for a 50 year old woman?
14-16 french
If you catherize a woman and go in for 4 - 5 inches and there is no urine, what is probably happening?
The catheter is in the vagina
Before catheterizing a male with urinary retention he attempts to void and passes 100 ml urine. You would
Palpate for the bladder above the symphisis pubis
When catheterizing a male, the penis should be positioned how?
60 to 90 degree angle to the leg
If resistance is met when trying to insert a catheter, you ask the man to:
Take a deep breath and slowly exhale as you try to insert it.
After the male catheter is securely in the bladder, what do you do with the tubing?
COil it on the mattress and angle straight into the bag
What's the first thing you do when cathertizing someone?
Gather your supplies
After providing privacy, checking ID and explaining the procedure, what do you do?
Clamp the catheter
If you are irrigating a catheter with 240 ml of NSS, you only use 40 ml at a time to:
Prevent distension of the bladder
If a man had a prostrate resection and a 3 way catheter, what color should the urine be?
The purpose of continuous bladder irrigation after prostate surgery is what?
Keep the catheter unobstructed
After a resection of the prostate gland and you are irrigating continuously and the drainage is more red with clots, you need to:
Turn up the flow rate of irrigation
What is Crede's manuever?
Massage from the top of the bladder by starting above the pubic bone and rocking the palm of the hand steadily downward
What is cystitis
Inflammation of the bladder
What is oliguria?
Diminished amount of urine formation
What is pyuria?
Pus in the urine
What is residual urine?
Urine left in the bladder after urination