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What's an amino acid?
An organic compound - protein is composed of 20 amino acids
What's a carbohydrate?
Contains only carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
What is cholesterol?
A component of fat found only in animal products
Complementary protein is what?
Protein from plant sources
What is a complete protein?
Contains all 9 essential amino acids
In order for vitamin D to be absorbed and utilized what has to happen?
Phosphorous has to be present in the body, and the patient needs exposure to sunshine.
A person with dysphagia has less trouble swallowing:
Thickened foods
A patient with severe burns would require what?
The greatest increase in calories
Besides reducing Fat in the diet, most Americans need to reduce what?
Refined sugar
Whan assessing dietary intake it is essential to question the patient about:
Between meal snacks
How many servings of Milk, yogurt and cheese on the pyramid?
How many servings of vegetables on the food pyramid?
How many servings of bread cereal rice & pasta?
6 - 11
How many servings of fruit?
How many servings of meat Poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, nuts?
What's at the top of the food pyramid?
Fats and sweets use sparingly
What percent of carbs should be complex?
85 to 95 percent
What percentage of the total diet should be carbs?
50 to 60
What is Kwashiorkor?
Severe protein deficiency in infants and young children after weaning
What is Marasmus?
Protein caloric malnutrition 1st year of life - growth retardation and wasting of fat and muscle
What is protein
One of a class of nitrogenous compounds that yield amino acids when hydrolyzed
What is saturated fat?
Animal sources plus coconut oil and palm oil
How much fiber is recommended?
25-35 grams
What are the three essential fatty acids?
Linoleic acid, oleic acid, linolenic acid
What vitamin helps maintain normal cell membranes?
Vitamin E
What are the 5 B vitamins?
B1- Thiamine
B2 - Riboflavin
B3 - Niacin
B6 - Pyridoxine
B12 - Cobalamin

Take Robert a Nice Plate of Cooked Veggies
What increases possibility of infant food allergies?
Solid foods before 4 - 6 months