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Abraham Maslow states that:
People respond to needs as whole integrated beings
Hans seyle found that no matter what the nature of the stressor,
The same nonspecific physical response occurred. The body secretes hormones
GAS occurs in response to what?
Long term exposure to stress.
What are Seyles stages?
Alarm stage
Resistance stage
If you treat someone whom you unconsciously dislike intensely in an overly friendly manner, this is an example of:
Reaction formation
How are health promotion and illness prevention behaviors classified?
Primary Prevention - healthy lifestyle to prevent or delay onset of disease
Secondary prevention - screening for diseases that are treatable if found early
Tertiary prevention - rehabilitation
Dubos and Dunn promote what philosophy?
Health and illness are dynamic states of being, constantly altering, and that each person moves up and down
What are measures that help control stress and anxiety
Progressive relaxation, imagery, massage, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, regular exercise
According to Selye, homeostasis will be regained unless:
adaptive mechanisms are overwhelmed