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What is the fowlers position
Raised head (to about 60 degrees)
Raised knees
What is the semi fowlers position??
Head at about 45 degrees, slightly raised knees
What is the trendelenburg position?
Head lower than the feet (used for people in shock).
What is the reverse trendelenburg position?
Head higher than the feet
What does RACE stand for?
Rescue any patients in immediate danger.
Activate the fire alarm system.
Contain the fire by closing doors and any open windows/
Extinguish the flames.
If you apply a protective device, what would concern you?
Pallor in the nail beds
What kind of knot do you use to secure a safety device?
A half bow
A patient immobilized by a restraint device is at risk for what?
Depression, constipation, impaired skin integrity
What does PASS stand for???
Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep
Type A fire extinguisher is for what??
Paper, wood or cloth fires
Type B extinguisher is used for what???
C02, used for gasoline, oil, paint, flammable liquids
Type C extinguisher is used for what?
Electrical fires.
When a person is in restraints, how often do you check the area distal to the restraint?
15-30 minutes
The patient's room should be kept at:
68-74 degrees F
When making a bed, which way do you face?
Face forward in the direction of the movement
A measure to prevent falls for the ill patient is to prevent attempts to get out of bed by:
Toileting on a regular schedule
Balance in the body is maintained by:
a line of gravity passing through the base of support
Prolonged pressure on the sacrum causes the skin blood vessels and muscles to become
compact and flattened out
An immobilizing device should NOT be used
To keep an elderly pt from walking at night
A safety measure for patient ambulation is :
hard sole slippers