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The prodromal period is what?
TIme from invasion by the microorganisms to the onset of symptoms
When did universal precautions come into effect?
CDC 1987
Tier 1 is what?
Standard precautions
Tier 2 is what?
Transmission based precautions
With what 3 diseases do you use airborne precautions?
Standard precautions are used when?
Every contact with every patient
Masks are worn when?
If you are within 3 feet of a patient under droplet precautions
What do you need if a patient has TB
AN N95 respirator mask
If transporting a patient in isolation, what do you do?
Put a special particulate filter mask on him
If your watch goes into isolation, what do you have to do?
Put it in a clear plastic bag
What are 4 rules of surgical asepsis?
know what is sterile
know what is not sterile
Separate sterile from unsterile
Remedy contamination immediately
How do you open a sterile pack?
Away from body, distal flap, then lateral flaps, then proximal flaps.
What is the length of time of a surgical scrub?
4 to 5 mins
What do you start with first on a surgical scrub?
What is neutropenic isolation?
Protective for an immunocompromised patient