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This group reigned strong from 2500 BC and peaked around 300-900 AD, elderly women practiced filing tribe memmbers teeth for religious ceremonies
Settled Yucatan Peninsula
This group settled mexico city area and they believed that worms caused cavities and chewed on hot chilies to cure this problem
What was the name of the monk who recorded aspects of Aztec culture and studied diseases of the mouth and treatment with herbs.-
Frey Bernardino de Sahugan
This culture lived in the peruvian highlands around the early 1400's thought that illnes could only be cured by priests and used a burning stick to excise caries
Who conquered the Incas
Francisco Pizzaro -1533
From period 3500-3000 BC this group lived between Tigris and Euphrates and believed demons inhabiting the body caused disease

NOTE they also thought grinding teeth was dangerous
What were the 2 important laws of Mesopotamia
Law 200 - if you knock out the tooth of an equal your own tooth is knocked out
Law 201- If someone knocks out the tooth of an inferior person he is fined a mina of silver
Where was the myth that worms caused decay first DOCUMENTED
Which group lived in the area now known as lebanon and were skilled practictioners who constructed sophisticated restorations
This group was prevalent from 100-400 BC and lived in the central hills of italy. They made prostheses of gold bands that were soldered into rings
Who was the first dentist that lived during the reign of the pharoah named Zoser

From the Egyptian Empire
What was one of the pricnciple causes of dental disease in egyptian culutre
course diet, mainly from grit of bread grains along with veggies ground in sandy soil
What is Asclepius the greek and roman god of
he is pictured holding a staff with a snake on it
Who was known as the father of medicine
he beieved dental disease arose from natural pre disposition or inherited weaknesses
What was the name for dental forceps used during Hippocrates time
Which group started using gold crowns to restore teeth and also used dentifrices and toothpicks to clean their teeth
What roman physician thought physical deterioration caused disease
Celsus(25-40 AD)
Note: filled teeth with lead to prevent fracture
Who was the roman physician that realized toothache could be caused by pulpitis, inflamation around radicular portion
Galen(130-200 AD)
Who is the patron saint of Dentists
cannonized as a saint in 249 AD
This era of time was characterized by ignorance, superstition and intellectual passivity. The clergy controlled learning and most progress in medicine came to a halt
Dark Ages
During the 12th century AD the church had restricted the practice of medicine to where
Mostly jewish and muslim physicians
Who introduced basic oral hygiene to the arab world around 570 AD
Prophet Muhammad
What was the name of the oral hygiene cleaner that Muhammad recommend be used to clean the teeth with
What did the chinese use to kill the pulp and thus relieve the pain of decayed teeth
Where and when was the first tooth brush with bristles perpendicular to the handle made
China 1490's
What civilization first repaired a cleft lip surgically and also used the inspection of the tongue as a prognosis of disease
During what time period was dentistry recognized as its own specialty in Japan
The rediscovery of art and thought from the Romans and Greeks was during the period called
The invention of printing and engraving happened during what period
The rebirth of scientific inquiry and freeing of science from theology and superstition occurred during what period
The basis for medical progress in the 15th and 16th centuries was what
In the 1500's the monks were providing medical treatment but who was responsible for doing surgeries
Since 1533 surgeons had been trained at where instead of the normal place in Paris University the medical school
St. Come College
What two groups were the surgeons of the 1500's divided into
Surgeons of the Short and Long Robes
This guy lived from 1488-1513 and was responsible for incorporation barbers and surgeons of Edinburgh and granted a charter to them in 1506
James IV
In 1540 This guy granted a charter to the Royal Commonality of Barber-Surgeons, which described the areas in which the surgeons and barbers could practice
Henry VIII
This woman had a little bag of candy she carried and had crappy teeth and was daughter of John IV
Queen Elizabeth I
What year was the first book entirely about dentistry written
What was the name of the first book entirely about dentistry
Little Medicinal Book For All Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities of the Teeth

Written in German
When and who invente the microscope
Antwan Vanleeuwenkoek in 1668
used it to disprove worm theory
What year did the French Parliment pass a law that stated any dental specialists must sit in front of a board before they could practice
Who was the father of dentistry
Pierre Fauchard
What was the name of Pierre Fauchard's most important book
The Surgeon Dentist or Treatise on the Teeth

2nd Edition was Le Chirurgien Dentiste
Who realized the importance of rettaining the primary teeth until normal eruption of permanent teeth and also removed caries and filled them with tin
Pierre Fauchard
Who advocated the rinsing of ones mouth with his/her own urine
Pierre Fauchard
Who invented the bow drill
Pierre Fauchard
Who was the dentist to the king of france who publlished his book Essay d'ondetotechnie in 1746
Claude Mouton
Who published their findings in 1757 on ginvivectomy procedures and also thought pulling 1st pre molars to provide space and invented the "Key"
Etienne Bourdet
who was the dentist to Frederick the Great of Prussia that wrote Treatise on the Teeth of the Human Body and Their Diseases in 1755
Philip Pfaff
In 1745 the guild that henry the VIII created in 1540 between Barbers and Surgeons was broken up and the Surgeons formed what new organization
Surgeon's Company

This group became then Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1800
What were the barbers called in the 1700 and 1800's
Tooth drawers
The father of modern surgery that published "The Natural History of the Human Teeth" and coined the terms cuspid, incisor and bicuspids was
John Hunter(1728-1793)
When did the word dentist become part of the english language
in the 1750's

its derived from french dentiste and latin word dent which means tooth
Who sent 3 barber surgeons on Plymouth
massachusetts bay company
Who was the first professional dentist to arrive in the colonies
Robert Woffendale

claimed he had made first set of artificial teeth in America
Who arrived in boston in 1760s and treated George Washington and had an apprentice named Paul Revere
John Baker
Who made the first medicolegal identification of a body using dental records
Paul Revere

he noticed Dr. Warren by a bridge he had made him
Who established the first in-hospital dental clinic at the New York Infermary, also the first clinic for the indigent Americans called Hospital and Alms House of New York City
R. C. Skinner
Who published the first book on dentistry in America entitled A Treatise on the Human Teeth
R. C. Skinner

he was the father of American Dental Literature
Who had a practice in 1786 in New York and had made 4 sets of dentures for G. Washington
John Greenwood
What person mailed John Baker to send him some wax and instructions so that he could make an impression of his teeth and have dentures made
George Washinton
Who was america's first native born dentist that developed the first dental chair
Josiah Flagg
What person in the 18th century thought that teeth with an undeveloped root could be implanted in other people's mouths
John Hunter
Who invented individual porcelain teeth
Guiseppangelo Fonzi(1768-1840)
What was the name of the material that 2 french Crawcour brothers brought to America in 1833
Royal Mineral Succedaneum

mixture of shavings from coins and mixed with mercury
what was the first society of dentists in America named
The Society of Surgeon Dentists of the city and State of New York(SSD)

every member had to sign pledge not to use amalgam
In 1840 Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris formed what society
American Society of Dental Surgeons(ASDS)

in 1850 this org. rescinded the dental amalgam resolution
Who introduced an improved amalgam made of 4 parts silver and 4 parts tin in 1855
Dr. Elisha Townsend
In 1850, a material from the sapodilia family of trees mixed with lime, quartz and feldspar was what
Gutta Perche
Who was the first president of the ASDS and also was a patient of john greenwood's
Horace Hayden(1769-1844)
Who founded the American Journal of Dental Science in 1839
Chapin A Harris

also published "the Dental Art: A Practical Treatise on Dental Surgery"
Where was the first dental college in the world established
Maryland - Baltimore College of Dental Surgery

Hayden and Harris both helped and taught there
Who was one of the first 2 students to graduate from Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
Robert Arthur

later started 3rd dental school Philladelphia College of Dental Surgery later named Penn. Colege of Dental Surgery
Who discovered NO in 1773 as an anesthetic
Joseph Priestly
Who was a proponent of NO for dentistry and gave a demonstration at the Mass. General Hospital where he withdrew the gas to quick and the patient cried like a little biiiiatchhh
Horace Wells
Who was a student of Horace Wells that started using ether as a anesthetic treatment
William T. G. Morton

it was called "letheon"
What was teh patent number for William Morton's new drug called "letheon"
Who exposed William Morton's letheon as just sulfuric ether
Dr. John Flagg son of Josiah Flagg
What four men stake claim on discovering anesthesia
Horace Wells, William Morton, Charles Jackson and Crawford Long
Who advised William Morton to use ether on his painful tooth and claimed to have identified ethers properties in 1842
Charles Jackson

died in an asylum in 1880
Who claimed to use ether in 1841 down in Georgia but failed to document his usage and his claims werent really believd by congress
Crawford Long
Who had the only publication on NO
Horace Wells
In 1847 Horace Wells discovered what to replace ether
In 1864 the ADA recognized who for the introduction of anesthesia
Horace Wells

in 1870 the AMA gave him credit as well
How many teeth were required by soldiers during the confederate war
6 opposing maxillary and mand front teeth so they could bite off the end of the powder cartridge
In 1851 Goodyear discovered what
how to make rubber into hard vulcanite that could be used in dentures
in 1864 this guy recieved the first patent on dentures and sold it to goodyear compnay
John Cummings

this allowed goodyear to enfoce collection of money thru patent laws
What were some substitutes for vulcanite dentures
Celluloid in 1880 - stained and turned black
Silver based with porcelain in 1881
When was the first dental drill invented in the US
Who invented the Clockwork dental drill in 1864
George Harrington of England
Who invented the first electric drill
George F. Green

mechanic at SS White Company
when was the foot driven drill invented
Who was the first women dentist in America
Emeline Robert Jones

she was elected to the Conn. State Dental Society in 1893
The first woman to recieve and dental degree was
Lucy Beaman Hobbs

she got if from Ohio College of Dental Surgery

She moved to lawrence kansas and practiced there till she died in 1910
Post civil war how many school existed
Baltimore COD
What was the first dental school associated with a university
Harvard Dental School
give some of the next dental schools that opened after the civil war
New York COD 1865
Missouri Dental College(later Washington Univ in St. Louis) 1866
Harvard Dental School -01867
what year was the ADA formed
Following the civil war what group name was given to the dentist in the south
Southern Dental Association
What year did the SDA and ADA merge
formed National Dental Society
What year did the national dental association voted to change name back to ADA
What was the name given to the organization of the first black dentists
National Dental organization -1923
What grad of Penn. wrote "Microorganisms of the Human Mouth" and started associating carbs in the mouth being fermented by bacteria
Wiloughby d. Miller
Who first witnessed X-Rays
William Roentgen

poor bertha's hand
Who was the first to use dental xrays
Otto Walkhoff
Who was the first dentist to have an office with electricity and was a grad fron NY COD
Edmund C. Kells

first to discover dangers of xrays and lost his hand killed himself
Who was the first to hire a femal dental assistant
who invented the first suction pump

also did fire extinguisher, automobile jack and starter brake used in elevators
Who was the first African American to recieve a dental degree
Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman

graduated with 5 others in first Dental class of Harvard
Who was the first African American woman to graduate with a dental degree
Ida Gray

U of Michigan in 1890
What dental school was founded in D.C. in 1881
Howard Univ COD
What dental school was started in nashville to train physician and dentist
Meharry Medical College
Who was a leading educator in AMerican dentistry that brought dentistry into the moderan world
G. V. Black(1836-1915)
What Univ. conferred GV Black an honorary degree after he taught there for 8 years
Missouri Dental College(later became Washington Univ)
Who helped write the Illinois Dental Practice Act and served as President of the sTate Board of Dental Examiners
GV Black
What school was GV Black the Dean of
Northwestern Dental School
What major contribution was black noted for(its a quote)
"extension for prevention"
Who developed the classification of caries(I - VI) we used today
GV Black
Who recieved a patent for chewing gum in 1869
Dr. William Semple
Who invented the cotton cany machine
Dr. William James Morrison
Who was one fo the two African American graduates of Harvards second dental school class that invented the golf tee in 1899
Dr. George Franklin Grant
who first mass produced toothpaste in a jar
Colgate in 1873
who was responsible for putting toothpaste in a collapsable tube in 1892
Dr. Sheffield
What year did Crest start putting fluoride in toothpaste
Who was credited with the invention of modern dental floss in 1815
Dr. Levi Spear Parmly
what company first produced floss for commercial use in 1882
Codman and Shurtleft Co.
What year did J and Johnson recieve a patent for floss
What doctor used cocaine to anesthetize the eye in 1884
Karl Koller,
this was first local anesthetic usage
What doctor demonstrated that an injection of cocaine into the mand branch of V could anestetize the teeth
William Halstead at Johns Hopkins
who developed novocaine
Elbert Einhorn - German
What were the properties of novocained
low toxicity, readily absorbed after injection and onset in 3-5 minutes
What year was lidocaine(Xylocaine)developed
When were disposable needles first used
WW II and in dental practices in 1959
Who thought of delivering anesthetics thru cartridges that resembled rifle cartidges
Dr. Harvey Cook
Who was the first guy to train a dental assistant to perform prophy tasks and started the first hygiene training program
Dr. Alfred Fones(1869-1938)

The Fones Clinic for Dental Hygienists
Who is the father of dental hygiene
Dr. Alfred Fones
who suggested that there was a relationship between water supply and brown moulting in 1908
Dr. Mckay
When did orthodontics arise as a specialty
developed by Edward Angle who developed occlusion classification
Who organized the AMerican Society of Orthodontists
Edward Angle
When were some other specialties noted
1946 oral and maxillofacial surgeons, didnt start organiz. til 1918
1948 Oral Path, Prosthodontics
1949 Pediatric
1951 Dental Public Health
1964 Endo
1999 Oral and Maxillofacial Rad
What are 2 subspecialties not yet recognized
Dental Anesthesiology and Oral Medicine
What company developed the first air driven handpiece
SS White Co. in 1957

Fiber optics for lighting added in 1970s
When did dentist start sitting down to practice
Who introduced composite resins in 1967
Michael Buoncore
When was the first electric toothbrush released in America
Who developed processes for osseointegration of dental implants in the 1980s
Per-Ingvar Branemark
When did the FDA approve the YAG laser for use on dentin and to treat tooth decay
what are the 2 types of dental degrees
When was the dental insignia adopted
describe the dental insignia
Staff with snake around it to represent Asclepius-Greek God of medicine
Greek letter delta-black color and letter O for omicron or odont - gold color

Has lilac which is official color of dentistry
32 leaves and 20 berries represent permanent and decidous teeth
who opened the first dental office in savanna, choctaw nation
Dr. J. E. Wright
When was the Oklahoma Territorial Dental Association Founded
When was the Indian Territory Association founded
When did the Oklahoma Dental And Indian Territory merge to Form the ODA
What year did the first dental class graduate from OUCOD
1976 started in 1972
During WW II what dentist designed a nylon floss to replace silk floss
Dr. Charles Bass