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Two types?

Angulation for Calculus Removal?
-formed by two straight lines that meet at an endpoint

-90 and 45 degree

-more than 45 less than 90
Parallel Lines?

Perpendicular Lines?

Shank Position?
-lines that run in same direction, never intersect

-two lines that intersect to form a 90degree

- parallel to the long axis of a tooth
3 Orientation of Lines?
- vertical= up and down
-oblique= corner to corner
-horizontal= across a.k.a circumferential strokes
Cross Section?
- exposed by cutting through an object, usually at a right angle
- one thousands of a meter or 0.0394inch
- mm
-anatomic features of teeth are often measured in mm
Periodonatal Probe?

Pockets Depth?
- instrument similar to mini ruler
- marked in mm units
- used for making intraoral measurements

-4mm or greater
Long Axis?
- imaginary straight line that pass through the center of a tooth and divides it symmetrically
- long axis is used at reference point

- moved toward the tooth apex

-moved toward the tooth crown

Line Angles?
- anterior tooth can be divided by this imaginary line
-intrumentation of anterior is initiation of midline

-posterior tooth can be divided
-imaginary line formed where 2 tooth surfaces meet
4 Line Angles?
-1. Mesiofacial line angle
2. Distofacial line angle
3. Mesiolingual line angle
4. Distolingual line angle

Two Kinds of Aspects, and subdivisions?
- tooth, sextant, quadrant, or dental arch are divided into 2 Aspects

-Facial= 3 areas. 1)distofacial 2)facial surface 3)mesiofacial area

-Lingual= 3 areas 4)distolingual 5)lingual area 6)mesiolingual area

How many Anterior & Posterior?
- dentition divided into 6 areas

- 2 Anterior, 4 Posterior
All Sextants?
-1) Mixillary right posterior
2) Maxillary anterior
3) Maxillary left posterior
4) Mandibular left posterior
5) Mandibular anterior
6) Mandibular right posterior