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Artificially acquired immunity is acquired through:
injection of vaccines or immunizing substances that contain dead or inactive microorganisms or their toxins. i.e. polio
When do you wear a gown using standard precautions?
When there is a chance of being splashed with blood or body fluid. Gown must be impermeable to H2O
A mask is worn when????
There is a chance that the nurse will be in contact with an airborne pathogen or splashed body fluids.
What do you do first when cleaning objects/
Rinse the object with COLD water.
What is a good disinfectant
Chlorine bleach and water in a ratio of 1 to 10
Why are gram negative bacteria more dangerous than gram positive???
They produce a dangerous endotoxin
How does the liver defend the body????
By destroying bacteria via the Kupffer cells
The redness and warmth in an inflamed area is due to:
Dialation of blood vessels and increased blood flow.
An immune system does not attack the self because:
Cellular antigens help in distinguishing self from nonself..
Diarrhea is often caused by:
Giving a patient a serum immune globulin injection will provide?????
Passive artificially acquired immunity
A tick could be a _______
-cyte means::::
-osis means?????
Abnormal condition
When changing a wound dressing, the nurse should always wear what????
Artificially acquired immunity is obtained by what????
Immunization with antibody response
Medical asepsis differs from surgical asepsis in that it is aimed at:::
Preventing transmission of microorganisms.
Pathogens include the following:::
bacteria, viruses, protozoa, rickettsias, fungi, helminths
What is a rickettsia???
A genus of small rod shaped or round microorganisms found in tuissues of fleas, lice, ticks and mites and transmitted to humasn by their bytes.
What is the most effective way to destroy all kinds of microorganisms???
Moist heat at hi temp for 15-20 mins
Body defenses against infection are what???
Skin, Inflammatory process, and immune response.
What are the purposes of inflammatory response?
Neutralize and destroy harmful agents, limit their spread, and prepare damaged tissue for repair.
What are the four types of immunity???
Passive acquired
Naturally acquired
Artificially acquired
Passive artificially acquired
What is another name for medical asepsis?
Clean technique
What is another name for surgical asepsis?
Sterile technique
Pathogens can be killed or inactivated by:
1. disinfection, 2. sterilization, or 3. use of anti-infective drugs
What are 4 methods of sterilization???
Moist heat, gas, boiling water, radiation