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Criteria for a profession [BE CLASS]
B - body of knowledge
E - educational higher learning
C - code of ethics
L - Life time commitment
A - autonomy
S - service to public
S - Scientific method
Brenners Stages of Nursing

[N AB C P E]
N - Novice, inflexible, no experience
AB - Advanced Beginner,
C - Competent, 2-3 yrs, organizational and planning abilities
P - Proficient, 3-5, holistic understanding
E - Expert, +5, skilled, intuitive, analytic
Nursing theory Meta-paradigm

C - Client
H - Health
E - Environment
N - Nursing

All theories MUST contain all 4
Scope of Nursing

P - Promote
P - Prevent
R - Restoration
D - Dying, care for
3 Levels of Preventative Care
1. Primary - prevention
2. Secondary - early detection and interventions
3. Tertiary - rehabilitation and restoration.
Planned Communication

S - Sit squarely
O - Observe an open posture
L - Lean forward & Listen
E - Establish Eye contact
R - Relax