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What age accounts for the most technological developments
information age
What is the most significant technological development thus far in the information age
integrated circuit
Agriculture and irrigation were first developed in which age
stone age
Pyramids are examples of architectural and construction techniques used in which age
bronze age
Mass production in a factory system first occured during the
industrial age
Canal building dramatically improved shipping routes during the
industrial age
What age accounts for the fewest technological developments
stone age
It is important to follow a formal problem solving method because it
allows you to deal with problems logically
What would you do after exploring all possible solutions to a problem
act on a best solution
In problem solving, the process of acting on a solution occurs after
exploring all possible solutions
A workable solution to a clearly defined problem is
The best use of any problem solving model ends with
the best possible solution
Which is not part of the universal systems model
Which is not a step of the universal systems model
Why is it important to follow a formal problem solving method
to deal with problems logically
What is the first step in the problem solving method
define the problem clearly
The acronym or initials for our problem solving method is
The second step in the problem solving method is
explore all possible solutions
In problem solving, when exploring all possible solutions
consider the consequences of each
An example of exploring all possible solutions in agroup setting is
The fourth step in the problem solving method is
look back and evaluate
When you look back and evaluate, it enables you to
make adjustments if necessary
What is the basic measurement for length in the Metric System
When measuring units of volume, scientists utilize
calibrated containers
When measuring angles, the proper tool would be a
Which unit of measurement is used for calculating area
square feet
Joules and calories are used in the measurement of
What are two measurement systems used in the world today
customary and SI
Measuring to precise, exact increments is referred to as
precision measurement
Through repitition of lines, colors, shapes, and/or textures, one can achieve
The size relationship of one object to another refers to
The element of design process that allows the viewer to see items in an agreeable manner is
The visual weight of an object or image in either formal or informal symmetry is
A written plan of solutions to a proposed problem is a design
Complying with codes and regulations to provide safe operation of products is
The method component of the technical report describes which of the following
how the activity was developed
Tables and graphs should be included in what sections of the technical report
What does the element section of the technical report relay to the reader
what the reader wants to know
The importance about the results of a technical report is included in what section
The documentation of sources within report is included in which element
The failure to credit resources in a technical report is known as
The use of visual aids in a technical report is permitted when it meets the following criteria
appropriateness to the objective
Which component establishes the relationship between the results and the research question
Background information is included in what section of the technical report
What best represents a receiver in the communication system model
satellite dish
A religion does not allow medical intervention. What type of impact is this
During the Iron age, the most significant use of water wheels was to
grind grain
Before acting on a solution one should always
explore all possible solutions
What tool measures small objects most precisely
What measurement tool is best to use for laying out perpindicular lines
Positive impacts of a technology outweighing the negative impacts is accepted as a
trade off
Which is an example of a desirable impact of technology
affordable products for the masses
What invention has enabled weather forecasters to moniter weather patterns more efficiently
doppler radar
What invention led to the mass production of written material
printing press
An electrician has acted on a chosen solution to a problem, what would the next step be
look back and evaluate the results
Evaluation of a solution reveals important new information, which can be used as
If desired results are the input, then actual results are the
The universal systems model utilizes the following steps
input,process,output, and feedback
The term DEAL refers to which of the following
define,explore,act, and look back
The practice of comparing qualities of an object to a standard is
How many miles is a bridge span of 10,560 feet
2 miles
What is the measurement for temperatures in the metric system
The freezing and boiling points of water respectively in the U.S. customary system is
32 and 212
A written plan of action for solutions to a proposed problem is a design
Balance,proportion,contrast, variety,harmony,unity, and rhythm are all associated with
principles of design
A prototype is a
full scale working model
Form should do more than follow function, it should enhance it according to
Frank Lloyd Wright
When developing a new product or system, one must weigh the benefits as well as the potential
Which is the primary factor in the development of new products and systems
Information can be interpreted quickly with the use of
Textbooks are an example of using communication to
Textbooks are an example of using communication to: