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What is a subject?
who are what the sentence is talking about
What is a Direct Address?
The person that you are directly speaking too.
What is a Appositive?
Has two nouns closely together. And the secound noun renames the 1st noun, andthe second noun is set off by a commas.
What is a predicate noun?
a noun that follows a linking verb and renames the subject.
What is a Predicate adjective?
a noun that follow a linking verb that describethe sublect.
What is a indirect object?
noun pronoun: must follow and action verb:can't be in a pp: answers to whom-for whom-for what-to what
What is a direct object?
noun or pronoun: can't b in a pp: answer what or who
What is the object of the pp?
the noun at the end of a preposition phrase.
noun as adjective

noun as adverb
it a date