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One of the functions of the mechanical governor is to?
Control fuel pressure to the injectors.
The amount of fuel injected by the injector is controlled by the?
Fuel pressure against an orifice.
When an injector plunger is adjusted for a particular cylinder, the ?
synchronize pump operation.
The final adjustment to an injector plunger should be made with a?
torque screwdriver.
If the plunger on an injection pump becomes jammed, what device permits the remaining injection pumps to be regulated?
spring loaded connection
How can the beginning of the effective stroke of an injection pump plunger be changed?
Add or remove pump shims
The hole type injection nozzle tip should be replaced if?
one of the spray holes is enlarged
Before assembling an injection nozzle, You must ensure that all parts are?
thoroughly cleaned
What should be used to clean the interior of the pintle type fuel injection nozzle body?
A piece of oil soaked soft wood