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Where is Crossroad - between -->
Between Silver Lake Road and Millvale Road
West Centrasl part of map
Where is Turkey Path
Between Jacob Buck Pond Road and Central Street...beyond Millvale Road
Where is Russell Hill Road
Between Central Street and Duck Cove road
Where is the Stubbs Brook Road?
Between Duck Cove Road and Masthill Road
The in between road that leads to Masthill Road
Where is the Church Road
In between Cemetary Road and Central street by Hancock Pond(off Masthill and Duck Cove Road)
Where is the Marsh Road
On Central street just beyond the Russell Hill Crossroad going north
McKinnon Road
On the River Road/15 north...beyond Drake's Lane
Where is the williams Pond Road
at the intersection of Silver Lake and Millvale Road
Poverty Ridge Road
Off Central Street out beyond Church Road...way out up Northeastern part of map
Where is the Bluff Road
Off Duck Cove road before you get to Cemetary road...before Hancock Pond
Where is the Town Farm Road
In between Rt 15 and Silver Lake road...on Silver lake road before the cross road going North...going north on
Rt 15 before Lee Street
Where is Lee Street
Between Town Farm Road and Bunker Hill Road on Rt 15
Where is Ledgewood Drive
On Rt 15 almost out of Bucksport up above Millvale Road
Where is the Willis road
at the beginning of the Jacob Buck pond road on the curve
dalton lane
before Ledgewood drive
Ledgewood drive
after Dalton Lane and before Mountain side Lane
Mountainside Lane
After Ledgewood Drive and before Millvale road
Millvale Road
after Mountain Side Lane and before Ayers Way
Ayers Way
after Millvale Road and before Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill
after Ayer's Way and before Smith drive on Rt 15
Smith Drive
after Bunker Hill and before Lee Street on Rt 15
Lee Street
After Smith Drive and before Town Farm Road on Rt 15
Town Farm Road
after Lee Street and before Beech Lane on Rt 15
Beech Lane
before Doughty Road and after Town Farm Road on Rt 15
Doughty Road
after Beech Lane and before Kenny Drive on Rt 15
Kenny Drive
After the doughty Road and before Willis Orchard Road on Rt 15
Willis Orchard Road
After Kenny Drive and before McKinnon Road on 15
McKinnon road
after Willis Orchard Road and before Flander's Way
Flander's Way
after McKinnon Road and before Harriman Cove Road on Rt 15
Harriman Cove Road
after Flander's way and before Drake's Lane on Rt 15
Drake's Lane
after Harriman Cove Road and before IP on Rt 15
Franklin Street
by IP entrance
Bagley Ave
between franklin and Third Street off Main Street
Third Street
between Bagley Avenue and Second Street
Second street
in between First and Third Street
First Street
in between Second Street and MacDonald Street
MacDonald Street in between First Street and Mechanic Street
in between First Street and Mechanic Street
Mechanic Street
in between MacDonald Street and Elm Street
Central Street
In between Elm Street and Federal Street
Federal Street
In between Central Street and School Street
School Street
in between Federal Street and Mill Street
Mill Street
In between School Street and Pine Street
Bridge Street
in between Pine street and Hinks Street
Hinks Street
between Bridge Street and Nicholson Avenue
Nicholson Avenue
In between Hinks Street and Park Street
Park Street
In between Nicholson Avenue and Bayview Avenue