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the standard rate established for each room type
rack rate
a price for a guest room that is high enough to cover costs, yet low enough to attract clientele.
proper room rate
a number of services (room, food, entertainment, transportation, etc.) that are normally purchases separately but put together and marketed at a reduced rate.
a living or sitting room not used as a bedroom.
the switchboard
PBX (private branch exchange)
a room needing light cleaning
pick up
the front office employee responsible for posting charges recieved by the front office during the daytime shift.
posting clerk
a room that has been altered as to not allow the guest to enter. used when a gues (in house) has bad credit or needs to speak to the manager before entering the room.
pin out/ lock out
this important procedure is done mid-point during second shift. the process is to verify room status by comparing room rack/computer information to the in house bucket. guest credit information is ensured, number of room occupants confirmed and room rate verified.
PM bucket check
hotel executive responsible for the front of the house, including front office, housekeeping, and uniformed services; sometimes called hotel manager or house manager
resident manager
the front office employee responsible for room sales, processing and maintaining all reservation records and inventory control.
a guest who checks in to the hotel when there are no rooms available for occupancy. these people will be given the very first rooms that become available. the guest can also be referred to as a "waited guest"
registered not assigned
a form completed by the guest at the time of arrival giving name, address, method of payment, arrival and departure date, requires guest signature and sometimes business affiliation.
registration card
the completion of the check-in procedure which obtains complete guest data and room requirements.
qualified lead on group business.
a room which has been prepared and inspected by Housekeeping and has been deemed available for occupancy.
ready room
the distribution of prices for one specific room, or the room type, depending on its number of occupants, its services and funishings, and location in the facility.
rate range
the portion of the folio that goes with the room rack card to show that the room is occupied. it has guest name, room rate, C/I and C/O dates, market codes.
rack slip
availability of room accommodations.
room status
the revenues collected by the hotel for its rented rooms.
room sales
the price charged for the use of a hotel's guest room, may or may not include some food, entertainment, and/or transportation.
room rate
used by the Sales Department to define a room that is occupied for one night.
room night
the list of names furnished by a group in advance of arrival and used by the hotel to preregister and pre-assign rooms to the party.
rooming list
to bring an account balance to zero by having debits and credits offset one another.
zero out
phone calls placed by the hotel operator to wake the guest at his/ her requested tim.
wake-up calls
a guest who arrives at the hotel without a reservation
a guest holding a reservation which the hotel is unable to honor due to an oversold situation. the hotel will pay for the person's stay at a comparable hotel and provide transportation to and from the other hotel
a written communication between one set of accounts or departments and another.
reservations or guests who warrant special attention and handling.
a person who renders personal service to a guest
to convince the arriving guest to take a higher priced room than he/ she had planned or reserved.
to move to better accommodation or class of service.
a guest who checks out before the expiration of the anticipated stay.
a check made out by one person or company to a party other than the hotel. these checks are not accepted by the hotel. exceptions to this policy can only be made by the hotel's Controller.
two party check
to refuse walk-in business because no rooms are available; the guest is refused.
turn away
short-term guest, booked by front office
transient guest
to move either a credit or debit from one folio or account to another.
organized procedures by which people learn knowledge and/or skills for a definate purpose.
a residential property in which an investor buys a living unit and leases or rents it out when it is unoccupied by the owner.
time-shared hotel
where there is a temporary hold on space for specific dates awaiting confirmation from the customer.
a colored card or heavy paper with code designations for the room rack pocet and used when a room is inaccessible to the front desk clerk. used in manual systems.
stock card
an anticipated check-out who remains beyond the stated date of departure; any guest who remains overnight.
a set of policies, procedures and guidelines for operations as prepared, updated, and approved by corporate headquarters/top management. the purpose of this is to ensure standardization.
standard operating procedures (SOP)
reservations that are held until 6pm, if these reservations have not arrived, they will be canceled and room made available for sale.
six PM hold
indicates a rate other than the standard "rack rate"
special rate
the status of the hotel when no rooms are available.
sold out
a room that appears to be occupied, although it is vacant, due to an error in room status reporting.
a room to be occupied by one person.
a display room for showing merchandise; with/without sleeping facilities.
guest who reserves a room and arrives on the same day.
same day
individual sections of the vault available to guests for the storage of valuables.
safe deposit boxes
the portion of the registration card/folio which is given to the guest when he or she checks in. it shows the room number, rate, and check-out date. it also explains certain benefits available to the guest, i.e., safety deposit box availability.
rooming slip
usually a room in which there had been a guest who had been given express check-out. however, it can be from a guest that has left the hotel without paying his or her bill. see skipper.
room found vacant (RFV)
a hotel guest that leaves with out paying or checking out.
the number of occupied rooms.
room count
a portable bed; a cot.
roll away
an operating department that generates revenues.
revenue center