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Who is Sheldon?
Mrs. F's chauffeur.
Who is Jamie?
brother of Claudia; has all the money and makes money decisions; was a tightwad
Who is Bruce Lansing?
Jamie used his name; Jamie played/cheated him at cards.
Who is Claudia?
liked secrets and enjoyed planning adventures; sister of Jamie; mastermind of running away plan
Who is Indian Guide?
wore a beautiful sari; worked at UN
Who is Mrs. Frankweiler?
sold statue to Metropolitian Museum of Art; good at cards
Who is Parks?
butler to Mrs. F.
Who is Saxonberg?
grandfather to Jamie and Claudia; lawyer for Mrs. F.
Who is Angel?
center of questions/arguments at the museum; made by Michelangelo
Who is Michelangelo?
great sculpter; did or did not create the angel statue
Where did Jamie and Claudia live?
Greenwich, CT
Who sold the angel statue to the museum?
Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
What was Jamie's first choice for something to study at the museum?
Italian Renaissance
How much did the museum pay for the Angel statue?
In what city is the Metropolitan Museum of Art?
New York City
Who carved the Angel?
How did Jamie and Claudia keep clean in the museum?
bathed in the pool around the fountain
What did both Claudia and Mrs. Frankweiler love?
Where do the children hide at the closing and opening of the museum?
in the washrooms
What are the bumps the children find while bathing their feet in the fountain?
What is the first clue that Jamie and Claudia discover about Angel?
an M has been chipped away in the marble on the bottom of the statue
How do Jamie and Claudia decide to share this information?
By sending a letter to the director.
Where does Mrs. Frankweiler live?
Farmington, CT.
Where did Jamie and Claudia find the truth about the statue?
In the files on a piece of paper.
What is Claudia in charge of for the adventure?
What is Jamie in charge of for the adventure?
How had Jamie "earned" his money?
By playing and cheating his friend at cards.
How did Jamie and Claudia get their clothes out of the house?
hid them in their violin cases
What did the children discover in the Museum book store about the "M"?
The "M" is Michelangelo's stonemason's mark - identifies him as the owner of the marble.
Who wrote the novel?
E.L. Konigsburg