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the regulations and motivations of civilization exist to...
defend civilization against individual
a cultures ideals growing out of first achievements..
when the super-ego is developed in a person..
not instrument!!
civilization originally had 2 control the universal desires for..
incest, cannabalism, and killing
3 things..
individuals are kept from harming by...
external coercion and internal mental controls..
2 things
according to freud civilization rests on...
compulsion of work, and renunciation of instict
2 things
what economic factor causes continued hostility towards civilization?
not moved from pt where the satifaction of wealth depend on underpriveliged
what are other mental assets of civilization?
art, religion, ideals
3 artsy stuff
why external coercion still needed today?
2 control hurting others by means of lying and fraud
2 bad things..
freud says that most important of the mental assets is...