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John 1
The Word became flesh
Logos is Greek for
The Word
In John 1, John is showing Jesus'
What was John the Baptist's purpose?
To testify to the Light
John 2
Changed water to wine
What were the stone water pots for?
Jewish custom of purification
How many pots were there and what did they symbolize?
6; all of mankind
John 3
Jesus to Nicodemus "You must be born again"
What two things to you need to be born of to see the Kingdom?
water and the Spirit
In John's analogy of the bridegroom, who is John?
the friend of the Bridegroom
John 4
The woman at the well
What will the water Jesus gives become in the person who receives it?
A well of water springing up to eternal life
Why is Jesus' conversation with the Samaritan woman significant?
It is the first time He reveals Himself as the Messiah
John 5
Sick man healed at the pool by the Sheep Gate
How long was the man sick?
38 years
What are the two reason the Jews sought to kill Jesus?
1) He broke the Sabbath
2) He called God His Father
John 6
Jesus feeds 5000/walks on water
What famous statement is linked with the feeding of the 5000?
"I am the Bread of Life?
What controversial teaching prevented many disciples from walking with Jesus?
"Eat my flesh and drink my blood"
John 7
Jesus goes to the feast secretly
Why was Jesus unwilling to walk in Judea?
The Jews were seeking to kill Him
Why didn't the officers seize Jesus
No man had ever spoken the way He did.
John 8
The woman caught in adultery
What question should be asked about this event?
Where is the man?
What statement made the Jews try to stone Jesus?
"Before Abraham was, I Am."
John 9
Man blind from birth
List the two schools of thought about the cause of sickness.
1. The baby sinned in the womb
2. The parents sin was passed down to the child.
What was the true reason the man was born blind?
So the works of God may be displayed in Him
John 10
The Good Shepherd
What else does Jesus compare Himself to?
The door of the sheep
What testifies of Jesus?
The works He does.
John 11
Lazarus is raised
Why is the phrase, "the one whom you love..." important?
John also uses it to describe himself
When Jesus is on His way, how do Mary and Martha respond?
Martha goes to meet Him and Mary waits for Him.
John 12
The King rides upon a donkey
Why did the chief priests seek to kill Lazarus?
Many believed in Jesus because of Him
Jesus said "the hour has come" after what?
Greeks came seeking Jesus