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tuer a gages
Hired killer
malgre mes travers, et ils sont nombreux
despite my faults, and they are numerous
une large palettes de services
a large selection of services
les balise HTML/les sentiers balise
HTML markers, trail markers
toujours est-il que..
the fact remains...
donne leur-en
give them some
offre lui en un
offer him one
petri d'orgueil/il est petri de qualitespetri de contradictions
filled with pride/he has lots of good points/full of contradictions
disproportionnes par rapport a ce qui les a declenches
disproportionate to what set them off
avoir l'esprit tordu
to have a twisted mind
ou cela allait-il nous mener?
where was that going to lead us?
donner/recevoir un peigne
to get a thrashing
avoir l'esprit mesquin
to be petty minded, mean spirited