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je voulais dire que..
I meant to say that...
et au pire?
and at worst?
c'est plus ....que je ne l'avais
It is more...that I had thought
tu doit faire un peu plus d'effort
you must try a little harder
le hasard voulut que...
as luck would have it
On peut change de l'argent a l'aeroport...
money can be changed at the airport
Ca m'est affole
that threw me into a panic
ne nous affolons pas
let's not panic
il faut relativiser
you need to put things into perspective
tu feras mieux de relativiser
you'd do better to put things into perspective
c'est un travail a toujours recommencer
It's work that always has to be redone
qu'est-ce qui a gagne
who won?
bien que ca ne se fasse plus beacoup
althought that's not done any longer