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List all the french wine regions
Loire Valley - Champagne - Burgundy - Bordeaux - Rhone -Alsace - South France - Provence, Midi, Corsica
List all the appllations of Loire Valley
Pays Nantais - Anjour-Samour - Sancerre - Touraine - Pouily-sur-Loire - Centre Loire - Auvergne
List all the appellations of Champagne
Montagne de Reims - Valle de la Marne - Cotes de Blancs - Vignoble Auboise
List all the appellations of Burgundy
Chablis - Cotes de Nuits - Cotes de Beaune - Cote Chalonnaise - Maconnias - Beaujolais Villages - Beaujolais
List all the appellations of Bordeaux
Medoc - Haut Medoc - Graves -Sauterns - Barsac - Entre-Deaux-Mers - Pomerol - St Emilion - Fronsac - Bourgeais - Blayais - Bordeaux - Bordeaux Superior
List all the appellations of Rhone Valley
Cote Rotie - Hermitage - Chateauneuf-du-Pape - Gigondas - Tavel - Cotes du Rhone Villages - Cotes du Rhone
List all the appellations of Jura & savoie
Arbios - Chateau Chalon - L'Etoile - Seyssel
List all the appellations of South West
Bergerac - Cahors - Gaillac -Cotes du Frontonnais - Cotes de Buzet - Bearn - Jurancon -Irouleguy
List all the appellations of Provence, Midi, Corsica
Banyuls - Rivesaltes - Languedoc Rousillon - Corbieres - Minervois - Fitou - Costieres de Nimes - Coteaux d'Aix en Provence - Bandol - Cotes de Provence - Corsica
What does INAO means
Institute National des Appellations d'Origine
Name the Types of Wines that the INAO has identified
AOC (Vins d'Appellation d'Origine Controlee) - VDQS (Vins Delimites de Qualite Superiore) - Vins de Pays - "Vins de Table Francais"
What doeas the AOC contole
Area of Production - Variety of Grape - Degree of Alcohol - Yield per hectare -Methods of Viticulture - Methods of Vinification - Analysis and Tasting - Bottling