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Mettre (Present)
je mets nous mettons
tu mets vous mettez
il met ils mettent
To Put
I am putting we are putting
you are putting you are putting
he is putting they are putting
will put
Mettre (Past)
je mis nous mimes
tu mis vous mites
il mit ils mirent
To Put we put
I put you put
you put they put
he put
je sais nous savons
tu sais vous savez
il sait ils savent
To know, to know how to
I know we know
you know you know
he knows they know
Savoir (Past)
je sus nous sumes
tu sus vous sutes
il sut ils surent
To know, to know how to
I knew we knew
you knew you knew
he knew they knew
"su"+noun=found out
Voir (Present)
je vois nous voyons
tu vois vous voyez
il voit ils voient
je verrai(FC)
To see
I see we see
you see you see
he sees they see
I will see
Voir (Past)
je vis nous vimes
tu vis vous vites
il vit ils virent
voyant (FC)
To see
I saw we saw
you saw you saw
he saw they saw
Pouvoir (Present)
Je peux(puis) nous pouvons
tu peux vous pouvez
il peut ils peuvent
F:il pourra C:il pourrait
to be able, can
I can we can
you can you can
he can they can
he will be able, he would be
Pouvoir (past)
je pus nous pumes
tu pus vous putes
il put ils purent
il a pu
to be able, can
I was able we were able
you were able you were able
he was ables they were able
he was able, he succeded in