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Present tense ER, IR, and RE endings
Er: e,es,e,ons,ez,ent
Ir: is,is,it,issons,issez,issent
Re: s,s,-,ons,ez,ent
Passe/ Compose/ formula
avoir/e^tre conjugated + past participle + agreement (if needed)
Imparfait formula
nous form of verb - ons + imparfait endings (ais,ais,ait,ions,iez,aient)
Future tense formula
infinitive OR stem + avoir endings (ai,as,a,ons,ez,ont)
Conditional tense formula
infinitive OR stem + imparfait endings (ais,ais,ait,ions,iez,aient)
Plus-Que-Parfait formula
Imparfait avoir OR e^tre + past participle of verb + agreement (if needed)
Future Ante/rieur formula
future tense avoir OR e^tre + past participle + agreement (if needed)
Conditional Passe/ formula
conditional form of avoir OR e^tre + past participle + agreement (if needed)
Present tense forms
I talk, am talking, do talk
Passe/ Compose/ forms
I talked, have talked, did talk
Imparfait forms
I was talking, WATCHED
Future forms
I will talk
Conditional forms
I would talk
Future Ante/rieur forms
I will have talked/spoken
Past Conditional forms
I would have talked
Plus-Que-Parfait forms
I had talked/spoken