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What are the 5 symbols of the French Republic?
1. Rooster
2. Bastille
3. Marianne
4. Marseillaise
5. Flag
Rooster was a ----,-----,finally the --
Napoleon used what as his symbol?
Rooster was a religious symbol, french royalty and the king, finally the republic.

Napoleon had the Eagle.
Where do you see roosters today?
-Weather vains
-National Sports Jerseys
-monuments to the dead
-Church steeples
What was the Bastille,what did it represent, and when was it stormed, was was created instead?
-The King could send ppl to jail with a lettre de cachet.
- It represented absolute rule
-July 14, 1789
-Tree was planted instead
How do they celebrate Bastille day?
-March Champs Elysées
- It is a military parade paid- have to be part of the French Military
- Official Ceremony
- Tax money is distributed to every single person
- Public- republic everyone gets the same

You would never have a party in your home you are not part of the republic ( it is meant for everyone)
Marianne,what was worn? Why Marianne?
wear the Phrysian bonnet Phrygian cap a bonnet worn when slaves were freed in Ancient Greece or else get your head chopped off.
Why Marianne? Marianne is a common name not a noble name.
Where do we find Marianne today?
-City Hall
What is the French National Anthem?
What colour is the flag?
What roofs are common in Normandy?
In south?
Thatched roofs in Normandy and slate, red tiles in the south
Who was Vercingétorix? Who did he fight against? What happened after he was captured?
He was cheiftian of the gauls. Julius Casear. He surrendered, was exibited in Rome, executed.
Name 2 castles of the Loire Valley? Which was built by Francis I in 1526?
Chambord, Chinon
Who is a loved comic character? Where is the village?
Astérix, Armorique, NW Britanne
(Prehistoric Period)
Caves of-- in the -- region
monoliths in the area around--

(Roman conquest)
Before--, Greece has established-- in the former region of --
Lascaux, Dordogne

Julius Casear, Marseille, Provence
the -- invasion-- followers of Mohammed conqured Nafrica, spain before defeated by ---
Arabic invasion, Charles Martel
A great leader known as charles the great or--
In the year-- pope crowned --,--,--
One son got germany, one France, and one-- and are called lies in between and foughtover by Fran/germ.,
Charlemange, 800a.d. Holy Roman Emperor
Lotharingie, Alsace Lorraine
During 13century --- built--- to house holy relics and led two crusades. Contracted Typhoid and died in -- Cantonized--

Absolute king --, the-- built -- --
King Louis IX built Sainte- Chapelle. Died in Carthage, cantonized Saint Louis

Louis XIV, the Sun King built Palace of Versallies
(Fifth Republic)
In May -- elected -- -- -- to assume power. Writes new consitution, presidential system.
May -- student uprising, referendum centralization he resigns

Other presidents ---
May 1958 citizens elect General de Gaulle
May 1968 General de Gaulle resigns

François Mittérand
What mainstreet used to be a garden?
--- has a --- under it
Was built in a L shape little by little
What was given to Napoleon with and finished with Egyptian writting on it after his death?
Champs Elysées
Arc de Triumphe (unknown soilder)
How do ppl celebrate b-day?
Wedding cake look like?
What do you do with lily of the valley
what is "faire le pont"
How much holiday time do ppl normally have?
Take others out for dinner
A pyramid of caramel and creampuffs
Give it to a friend
Connect take off days after/before holiday
What are the Six Countries that surround "La Hexagon"?
Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Andorra
Describe the rivers?
Seine, near city of Paris, originates in Burgandy, exits by Le Harve into English Channel. Loire-longest river originates in the Massif Central, Chambord and Ayaz-le- Rideau, exits city Nantes into Atlanitc Ocean. Garonne, originates in Dordogne Valley, to active port city Bordeaux Massif central, Atlantic. Rhone, goes through Lyon, by Midi,Mediterranean sea
Describe the Mountians?
Alpes go through separate France from Germany, Italy from Switzerland
mounts continued?
Vosges and Jura located in eastern Alsace and Lorraine
Pyreenes- Midi located between France and Spain, Andorra
When invited out to someone's house for dinner you bring? What do you not ask about? How do you cut you food? Where do you not put your hands? If you want more food what do you do?
What time if French dinner, what time do you come?
Flowers, don't ask occupation, cut one piece eat one piece don't switch hands with fork/knife. Don't place hands under table. 8:00 come a few minutes late no one will be ready.