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Maximillien Robespierre
middle class lawyer that represented the san-culottes
Republic of Virtue--strong central gov.
Civil Constitution of the Clergy (July, 1790)
subjected the catholic church to state control. church free from pope. clergy elected/paid by gov. dissolved monastaries and convents
Constitution of 1791
constitutional monarchy, limited powers of monarch and created a legislative assembly
before the law
statements of declaration
Legislative Assembly
result of the constitution of 1791.
competitive groups in the national convention. G- decintralizations. J-central gov.
Declaration of Pillnitz
from Austria and Prussia- threatened to intervene to protect french monarchy. resulted in the declaration of war on austria
Brunswick Manifesto
promise from austria and prussia to destroy paris if any harm came to the french king
Committee of Public Safety
dictatorial powers.
save revolution from foreign and domestic enemies. compulsory military service- war against coalition became a national mission.
Reign of Terror
1793-1794. arrested all persons suspected of treason. sentenced to death. 40,000 lost lives
Thermidorian Reaction
result of death of Robespierre.
moderates regained control of national convention
Constitution of 1795
(The Directory)
five member executive group
popular military general who appealed to the ppl who looked to a strong military leader to end disorder and corruption.
coup d'etat
take over of government control
First Consul
new gov. under N. 3 consuls--main N with all power.
a vote for change (yes or no) to changes such as consul for life--> emporer
Concordat of 1801
made peach with catholic church. pope recounced claims to church porp. gov. could nominate bishops but pope confimed and could remove them.
Napoleon Code
uniform legal system. equality, religious tolerance. women lost most of rights. males get complete control.
Tzar Alexander I
tzar of russia
Battle of Trafalgar
1805--British destroyed french navy=command of seas and end of N's plan to invate British Isles.
Continental System
embargo on trade with britian
Exiled to Elba- ilse off of Italian coast. power restored to Louis XVIII
Battle of Waterloo
Allied army of Russia, austria, and prussia defeated Napolion. Louis XVIII returned.
St. Helena
Second exile place of N. died there.
Congress of Vienna
after N's defeat Russia, Austria, Prussia, England met in Vienna to draw up peace settlement.
Abbe Sieyes
Writer of a pamphlet proclaiming the 3rd Estates necessity in society. Said that they should control the government. Pre Order of the Tennis Courts
Second French Revolution
Not really sure, just keep it in your mind.
September Massacres
Wave of mob violence in Paris. Half of the prison population was killed.
Worship of the Supreme Being
Made up by Robespierre. To give the people a common religion
William Pitt
English statesmen who brough 7 years war to an end.
Lord Nelson
Leader of the British Army
love for country
Part of Russia. One of major powers in Europe during the time of the French Revolution
Scorched Earth Policy
French Trecking through Russia intending to pillage and burn their path, Russians burned first.