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What is the Estates General?
the medieval french parliment which is separated into 3 estates. Originally organized for aristocratic and church dominances
What things does the estates general deal with?
make taxes, approved funding
What type of people does the 1st estate consist of?
clergy and workers in the church, one of the groups with the most power
What type of people does the 2nd estate consist of?
rich people, noblity, and aristocracy
What type of people does the 3rd estate consist of?
common people, and merchants
What is the National Assembly?
it has the same role as the estates general. was started by the 3rd estate, in the tennis court oath in 1789
Name six major things dealing with the National Assembly
Tennis Court Oath, the charge on Bastille in 1789, the Great Fear-when peasants attacked the noble manners, Jacobin club was formed, Declaration if the Rights of Man and Citizens
What is the National Constituent Assembly?
National Assembly waqs renamed this, because it has members from all 3 estates, who share the same liberal goals for the country
What is the Cahiers de Doleances?
a list of grievances made by the local electors to be given to the king. consist of critisism of the gov't, periodic meeting of Nat. Con. Assem., more local controll of administration, called for trade and commerce, free press
What are assignats?
a government bond based off of the value of confiscated church lands.
What is a unicameral legistator?
a one branched legislator
What are the Cummunes?
extremely radical government of Paris under the working class, no elections, appointed revolutionaries, about 1200 people
What is the Levee en masse?
all males are in the military, the economy of a war machine
What is the Convention?
new assembly to write a democratic constitution set up by the Paris commune
What is The Directory?
established in 1795, abandoned the democratic const. of 1795, the executive body of 5 people who were chosen by elders from a list of a council of 500
abbe de sieyes
wrote what is the third estate
Marquis de Lafaytte
Commander of the militia of paris
gave the gaurd the new insignia~cockade which eventually become the flag opf revolutionary france
National Guard
Militia of Paris
aristocrats that were forced to flee france. settled in countries near the french border, wanted to launch a counter revolution, kings brother was the most important presuaded King Louis and Maire Anionette to flee the country before they were beheaded
Jacobins and the Mountain
political club of people that all believed in the same thing. wanted to end the monarchy. the mountain was the leaders
group of jacobins (more radical) that opposed a counter revolution and wanted emigres to return to france. declared war in Austria because they thought it would preserve the revolutions
Comittee of Public Safety
lead by Robespierre and Danton, during the reign of terror, worked with sans coulette
Maximilien Robespierre
single most powerful memeber of the Jacobins and the comitee of Public Safety, favored republic, opposed to the war he thought that france wasnt ready, and didnt want to risk it, republic of virtue~whole hearted support of republican govt, renounciation of selfish gains from political life
radical journalists, wanted to kill all the traitors of the revolution
Explain how the Declaration of the RIghts of Man and Citizens was the end of the Old Regime
DRMC gave unalienable rights to people, which ended the Old Regime which was an absolute monarchy
What Caused the Tennis Court Oath and what did it say
1st and 2nd Estates locked the 3rd estate out of the Estates General meeting, the took an oath that they would not leave until they created a constitution for France, Louis was going to disbane it but many 1st anbd 2nd estate members joined so he couldnt
why was the Bastille attacked and what was its impact
so that they could get weapons to fight against the monarchy, marked the first of many important journees (revolts(days where populus of paris redirects the course of the revoltion)), showed that the NCA would not just decide the fate of France
What was the Great Fear, and what were it's consequences?
revoltution spread to the counrtyrside peasants buyrn down chaeteus, destroyed records and documents, refused to pay fuedal dues deteremined to take possessionj of food supply and land the thought was theirs, revolts on food prices