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Albany Plan of Union
Plan for a union of the colonies
French and Indian War
Conflict between the British and the French from 1754-1763
group of armed citizens who serve as soldiers
prime minister
highest offical in parliamentary goverment
to surround an enemy in order to force its surrender
Treaty of Paris
agreement ending French and Indian war
Battles of Lexington and Concord
fighting that marked the beginning of the Revolutionary war
Boston Massacre
incident in which five colonists were shot by British soldiers in 1770
refusal to buy certain goods
Pontiac's Rebellion
Native American protest of British rule in the Great Lakes region
Proclomation of 1763
closure of trans Appalachian region to settlers
Common sense
pamphlet written by Thomas Paine
Second Continental Congress
second gathering of representatives from the colonists
Olive Branch Petition
document asking King George 3 for a peaceful settlement to the conflict between the colonies and Britain
Eighteenth century movement that emphasized science and reason as the way to improving society
Battle of Bunker Hill
early battle fought north of Boston
Battle of Saratoga
series of battles in which the Americans attacked Burgoyne's forces and defeated them
Battle of Trenton
battle in which Washington suprised and captured the Hessian force
person killed, wounded, or missing in battle
people who remained loyal to Great Britain
foreign soldiers who fight for pay
Battle of Yorktown
fighting that ended when Cornwallis surrendered to Washington
to isolate from outside contact by using troops or warships to prevent people or supplies from entering
substantial increase in prices of goods over a period of time
selling scarce items at high prices
Treaty of Paris
agreement that formally ended the War for Independence