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Who was the King of France during the time of the French Revolution
Louis XVI
What two words best describe Louis XVI
weak and indecisive
What is the Estates General
Legislative body
Prior to the Revolution the Estates General had not been summoned for
175 years
Throughout history who was responsible for summoning the Estates General
The King of France
Who made up the Estates General?
Clergy, nobles, peasants
Who made up the 1st Estate?
Who made up the 2nd Estate
Who made up the 3rd Estate?
Everyone else who was not part of the 1st of 2nd estates
Who was at the top of the 3rd estate?
The 3rd estate resented the privileges enjoyed by their social
Name the three cause of France's financial problems?
Supporting the American Revolution
Royal court extravagances
Poor harvest = higher food prices
Which estates paid all the taxes before the revolution?
3rd estate
Who took an oath (on a tennis court) to create a "just" constitution?
National Assembly
This described a time when wild rumors and tales of attacks on villages spread panic
The Great Fear
Poor harvests, leading to higher food prices spread _____ ______ in cities
bread riots
When rumors that royal troops were coming to Paris, more than 800 people will storm this prison hoping to find weapons to defend themselves
During the time of the "Great Fear" peasants will unleash their fury on _____ and attack manor houses
The National Assembly produces this document that establishes all male citizens are equal before the law.
Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen
Name 3 important right established by The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
Every Frenchman have an equal right to hold public office

Establishes freedom of religion

Called for taxes to levied according to ability to pay
Who did not receive equal citizenship in the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen
As unrest deepens, 6 thousand women march to Versailles shouting
After entering Versailles, the mob of women will refuse to leave the palace until the King returns to
What is the European reaction to the French revolution?
Denounce it
Which lawyer believed that France could not be secured until the criminals lose their heads
The Right to vote is called
The Jacobin could be characterized as
What are the pillars of the French Republic, as inspired by the Enlightenment
Liberty, equality, fraternity