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What was the name of the prison which was stormed for gunpowder?
What is the date of French independence day?
July 14th
What do the French call their independence day?
Bastille Day
Who was responsible for most of the debt of France?
Louis 14th
Who was king at the time of the French Revolution?
Louis 16th
Who was queen at the time of the French Revolution?
Marie Antoinette
Who was king at the time of the French Revolution?
Louis 16th
Who primarily built Versailles?
Louis 14th
When did the French revolution begin?
When was the king beheaded?
Who was the leader of the Jacobin party?
What are tribunals?
What was the motto of the First Republic?
liberté, égalité, fraternité
What religious group was persecuted because it had so much wealth and power?
the Catholic Church
What was the last government of the French Revolution?
the 1st Republic
Name the radical revolutionary who was murdered in his bath.
Who sold Louisiana to the United States?
What year did the Louisiana purchase take place?
Who were the members of the first estate?
the clergy
Who were the members of the scond estate?
Who were the members of the third estate?
common people
The leaders of the revolution were influenced by a movement known as the _______ which was also known as the _________.
Enlightenment, Age of Reason
What were the people who supported the King during the revolution called?
Louis the 14th was also known as the ______.
Sun King
What was the time period when the Jacobins were in power killing everyone by guillotine?
The Reign of Terror