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(used to express an action begun in the past, but not necessarily completed at the referenced time)
Il y a
Ago (only for things that are already completed)
Nous attendons depuis une heure.
We've been waiting for an hour.
Il parle depuis 5 minutes.
He's been speaking for 5 minutes.
Il travaillait depuis 10 jours quand je l'ai vu.
He'd been working for 10 days when I saw him.
Je suis malade depuis mon arrivée
I've been sick since I got here.
Il était fâché depuis l'annonce, mais maintenant...
He had been angry since the announcement, but now...
Depuis hier, je suis déprimée.
I've been depressed since yesterday.
Il n'a pas fumé depuis un an.
He hasn't smoked for a year.
Je suis arrivée il y a une heure.
I arrived an hour ago.
Il a parlé il y a 5 minutes.
He spoke 5 minutes ago.
Il a travaillé il y a 10 jours.
He worked 10 days ago.
J'étais malade il y a une semaine.
I was sick a week ago.
Il y a deux jours, j'ai vu un chat noir.
Two days ago, I saw a black cat.
J'ai déménagé ici il y a longtemps.
I moved here a long time ago.
(refs an action in its entirety that has no relation to the present - either past or future)
Pendant combien de temps avez-vous étudié le français ?
How long did you study French?
J'ai étudié le français pendant 3 ans.
I studied French for 3 years.
Je vais habiter en France pendant 2 mois.
I'm going to live in France for 2 months.
J'ai vu un film pendant mon séjour.
I saw a film during my stay.
Pendant ce temps, il m'attendait.
During this time, he waited for me.
For (used to indicate the duration of an event in the future)
Je vais y habiter pour 2 mois.
I'm going to live there for 2 months.