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What do you call someone you share a deep friendship with?
un(e) ami(e)
What do you call someone you have a more casual relationship with?
un copain/une copine
What do you call someone you have a romantic relationship with?
un(e) petit(e) ami(e)
In Quebec, what is the equivalent to "un copain" or "une copine"?
un(e) chum
Are there more marriages in France now than in the past?
What is the average divorce rate in France, and who divorces their partner the most often?
39%; women
Do more people in France live alone now than in the past?
What percentage of people live together before getting married?
What do you call a civil union in France? (available since 1999)
Le PACS (Pacte civil de solidarite')
Where do people most often meet each other in France?
Through their group of friends
What is the French word for dating?
They don't have one!
Are school and social activities combined or separate in France?
Completely separate
What is Le Ramadan? What does it celebrate? Who is the prophet of Islam?
- a sacred month for Muslims
- celebrates the ninth calendar year of Islam
- commemorates the descent of the Coran
- Mahomet
Why is Le Ramadan so important to French culture? (2 reasons)
1. Islam is the 2nd religion in France
2. 50% of African francophones are muslim
What do you call a period of fasting during Le Ramadan in French?
le jeu^ne
What is the French word for Easter, which is always a holiday in France?
Pa^ques (m.)
What are some classic symbols of Easter in France?
- oeufs de Pa^ques (easter eggs)
- des lapins (ou des poissons) en chocolat (chocolate bunnies or fish)
- les cloches (bells)
What is the most appropriate way to respond to a compliment in France?
Saying thank you = too prideful
Modesty is best
Why was the legal working week reduced to 35 hours per week in France?
- to reduce unemployment
- to create more jobs
What is the unemployment rate in France? Is it more or less than in the U.S.?
9%; more (compared to 5.5%)
What is the unemployment rate among young people (15-24) in France? Despite what?
20%; adding more jobs
What is the goal of 'Le pouvoir exe'cutif'? (a gov't branch in France)
to ensure the execution of the law
What is the French president called, how long is his term, and what does he do?
- le Premier ministre
- 5 year term
- manages 40 - 50 other ministers
What are the two major government bodies within 'Le pouvoir le'gislatif'? (a gov't branch in France) Which is bigger?
l'Assemble'e nationale et le Se'nat; l'Assemble'e nationale is bigger
What does le Parlement consist of? What does it do?
l'Assemble'e nationale et le Se'nat; discuss and vote on laws
What is another name for 'Le pouvoir judiciaire' in France?
le Conseil d'E'tat
Is life expectency higher or lower in France than in the U.S.?
Is everyone in France covered by medical insurance? What percentage of medical costs are covered? What is medical insurance called?
yes; 75%; la se'curite' sociale
What percentage of additional insurance do most French people also have?
Is alternative medicine and homeopathic remedies popular in France?
yes; usually covered by insurance
About how many times do the French consult a doctor each year? What percentage of these visits are domestic?
about 7; 20%
Who is the author of "Une abominable.." and where was he born?
Roch Carrier; near Montreal in Quebec
What was le Parti que'be'cois?
- political party
- won large majority in 1976 elections
- wanted to secede from Canada
Who was the little boy's hero in "Une abominable.."?
Maurice Richard
What team did the boy love in "Une abominable.." and what were the colors of their jersey?
les Canadiens de Montre'al; rouge, blanc et bleu
What was the rival team that the boy hated in "Une abominable.." and what were the colors of their jersey?
les Maple Leafs de Toronto; bleu et blanc
What is Le jour des Rois (l'E'piphanie), when is it, and what is associated with it?
1. religious holiday commemorating the adoration of Christ
2. the day after le Jour de l'An
3. a special cake called 'galette' with a plastic king inside (un ga^teau appele' galette des rois qui contient une petite figurine en plastique), whoever finds the king dans son morceau is crowned (couronne') king or reine pour la journe'e
When is Le Mardi Gras?
In February, the last day of Lent, ending preparations for Easter
What happens during Mardi Gras?
- Tout le monde se de'guisent
- Les villes organisent de grands carnavals avec des de'file's et des bals costume's