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Bernard Dadie
wrote Climbie, autobiographical novel about life in the Ivory Coast
Jacques Prevert
wrote "Page d'ecriture" poem about a student in class, and "Dejeuner du matin"
Agni, Baoule, N'zima
local dialects of the Ivory Coast
petits metiers
Mariama Ba
Writer from senegal that wrote Un si longue lettre, a feminist
Suzanne Prou
From the south of france, lived in Vietnam, wrote la petite tonkinoise.
les indigenes
natives of a colony
le tonkin
actual name for Vietnam
le metropole
french empire
le tet
a family celebration that lasts a week, a person pays debts, avoids conflict and explodes fireworks
Azouz Begag
"La Gone Du Chaaba"
Un gone
an enfant in Lyonnais dialect
Un Chaaba
a city made of tin (bidons)
de souche
originally from France
Joseph Joffo
author who wrote during WW2 Un Sac Des Billes