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French and Indian War
French/Indians against English
Over Land
Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the war
Boycotting English Goods
led to war with england
rev war
1765 Stamp Act
taxes on paper documents
repealed in 1766
Soms of liberty
encouraged colonists not to pay tax
Towhshend acts
taxing english imports paint, lead, paper, glasss, and tea
Boston Massacre
Colonists protested the townshend act and in 1770 English troops were sent to stop protests
many killed
Towwnshend act repealed the same day
Boston Tea Party
Sons of Liberty dressed as indians and dumped tea into Bosn HArbor
Intolerable Acts
punishment for Boston Tea Party
English closed the Bosn Harbor, dissolved mass assembly and forced colonists to house english soldiers
1st Continental Congress
1774 Philadelphia
protest the intolerable acts
meeting of all colonies except Georgia
Thirteen Colonies
New Hampshire, Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delware, Maryland, Virginia, N Carolina, S Carolina, Georgia
2nd Virginia Convention
St John's Church
Patrick Henry....give me liberty or give me death
1st Virginia Convention
Raleigh Tavern , Willliamsburg
Made plans to send representatives to First Continnetal Congress in Phildelphia
2nd Continental COngress
established the continental army and declared american independence
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
reasons why Americans should become independent
people have right to govern n ot the king
right to life, liberty and th epursuit of happiness-adopted on July 4 1776
Bill of Rights
list of rights and freedoms that cannot be taken away by government
Article of Confederation
drafted 1777 and adopted 1781
gave few powers to congress but extensive powers to states
Article of Confederation
drafted 1777 and adopted 1781
gave few powers to congress but extensive powers to states
person who is loyal or supports own country
Battles of Lexington and Concord
1st battle
signals that colonists woud fight for their freedom
Battle of Bunker Hill
near Boston
actually fought on breed's hill
english won but realized it would nto be an easy fight
Battle of Trenton
GW army crossed delarare riverand surprised english
defeated the english
first anerican victory
resored soldiers belief that freedom from england could be gained
Battle of Saratoga
New Yor
American victory-French joined americans
turning point of war
Winter of Valley Forge
northwest of philadelphia
GW winter camp
Continental army spent cold winter here
Battle of Yorktown
southeastern va on peninsula of york river
last battle of rev war