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Va. Government orders to the 1st group~
one group to build a fort but the English are run off by the Fr.
The Ohio River Valley is what both Fr. and Eng. want.
George Washington
Gets survivors back to VA and ends up w/ 4 bullets in shirt.
Reasons French want ORV
b/c they want to connect by water their settlements along Mis. and St. Lawerence; for trade.
1st step Fr. take
Build Forts along the ORV
Starts in Ohio River Valley but spreads and becomes world war.
Edward Baddock
Joins English side and marches towards Ft.Duquesne; ambashed and defeated by Fr.
Reasons English wanted ORV
Land Speculation(buy land cheap and and sell for more later.
1st step Va. Government takes
Sends G. Washington to tell Fr. to get out!
1754-1763(4th world war)
William Pitt
Becomes prime minister of Eng. and has good ideas about war!
England/ English colonists/ some Indians
France/ French Col/many Indians
The Va. government orders 2nd
another group to protect builders... led by GW
do not leave but but march near Ft. Duquesne
small fight in the woods with Fr; GW wins!
Builds necessity
Fr. Indian attack and win(july 4, 1754)
James Wolfe
Choosen by William Pitt to lead attack againist Fr. Canada!