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Ainsi, j'ai décidé de partir
So I decided to leave
J'ai perdu mon emploi, ainsi je ne peux pas acheter la voiture
I lost my job, so I can't buy the car
Ainsi (2)
this way/like that
Si tu vas agir ainsi, je ne peux pas t'aider.
If you're going to act like that, I can't help you
C'est ainsi ; tu dois l'accepter.
That's the way it is; you have to accept it.
Ainsi va la vie.
Such is life.
Ainsi soit-il.
So be it.
Ainsi que (conjunction)
just as/like/as well as
Ainsi que je disais hier...
Just as I was saying yesterday...
Je suis impressioné par son intelligence ainsi que son honnêteté.
I am impressed by his intelligence as well as his honesty.
Then/So/In that case
Tu ne vas pas à la fête ? Alors, moi non plus.
You're not going to the party? Then I won't either.
Elle ne comprend pas, alors il faut l'aider.
She doesn't understand, so we need to help her.
Je n'ai pas mangé, alors il est difficile de me concentrer.
I didn't eat, so it's difficult to concentrate.
Alors versus Ainsi and Donc
Alors is more or less interchangeable with Ainsi or Donc, but not as strong -means "So" or "Then" rather than "Therefore".
Alors (filler)
so / then / well
Alors, qu'est-ce qu'on va faire ?
So what are we going to do?
Alors là, je n'en sais rien.
Alors là, je n'en sais rien.
Et alors ?
And then? So what?
At that time
Il était alors étudiant.
At that time, he was a student. He was a student at the time.
Le président d'alors Bill Clinton...
The president at that time, Bill Clinton ...
Alors que (conjunction)
AT that time / while / even though
Il est allé à la banque alors que je faisais les achats.
He went to the bank while I did the shopping.
Il est sorti alors que je ne voulais pas.
He went out even though I didn't want to.
therefore / so / thus
Il n'est pas arrivé, donc j'ai dû manger seul.
He didn't arrive, so I had to eat alone.
Je pense, donc je suis. (René Descartes)
I think, therefore I am.
Donc versus Ainsi
as "therefore/thus/so", Donc is interchangeable with Ainsi. The only diff is that donc is a conjunction and should join 2 clauses, whereas ainsi can be used with 1 or 2 clauses. (in reality, donc often occurs with just one clause also).
Si ce n'est pas Philippe c'est donc Robert.
If it's not Philippe then it is (it must be) Robert.
J'ai perdu mon stylo donc celui-ci est à toi.
I lost my pen so this one must be yours.
Donc, elle était enceinte ?
Was she pregnant, then? So was she pregnant?
Voilà donc notre conclusion.
So here is our conclusion.
Qui donc êtes-vous ?
So who are you?
Allons donc !
Come on (already)!