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to see, notice; s'~ de, to notice, slowly become aware of; s'~ que, to realise; Ne pas s'~ de quelque chose, to overlook, not notice something; sans s'en aperçoir, without taking notice (of it)
to listen, hear, ~ attentivement, to listen carefully; ecouter les avis de qqn, to follow someone's advice; faire ~ une chanson à qn, to play a song to sb; s'~ parler, to savour one's words; (pej) aimer s'~ parler, to like the sound of one's own voice; savour écouter, to know how to listen, to be a good listener; ne l'écoutez pas, don't listen to him; on nous écouter, we are overheard; faire écouter, to obtain a hearing, to enforce obedience; s'écouter, to like the sound of one's voice, to indulge oneself; Il s'écoute trop, he nurses himself too much; être à l'écouter, to be listening in
To hear; to listen to, hear; (frm) to understand; to mean, intend (par, by, à faire, to do); ~ parler de, to hear about; ~ dire que, to hear that; to agree; to get on; bien entendu, of course; C'est entendu!, It's agreed; Qu'entendez vous par là!, What do you mean by that!; laisser à entendre, to hint; entendre raison, to listen to reason; ne pas entendre malice, not to mean harm; donner à entendre, to intimate or hint; entendre à demi-mot, to take the hint; s'entendre avec qqn, to get along with someone; s'entendre à merveille, to get along marvelously; sous-entendre, to imply
To watch, observe; to examine a specimen, a phenomenon; to notice, observe a trend, (in speech) remark on; to observe, abide by rules; ~ une minute de silence to observe a minute's silence; to be on one's best behaviour; faire observer, to remark, point out (to qqn); observer son langage, watch your language; s'observer, to be circumspect, on one's guard.
To look at somebody, something (TV); to concern, involve somebody; ça (cela) ne te regarde pas, it's none of your business; ) ~ à to think about; y bien ~ to think it over; y ~ à deux fois, to think twice (avant de faire, before doing); ma chambre regarde la midi, my room looks to the south, or, ma chambre regarde sur le jardin, my room overlooks the garden; regarder comme, to look upon as, consider as; Je n'y regarde pas de si près, I am not so particular as all that; regarder par un trou, to look or peep through a hole; regardez-y bien, take heed; je me regarde comme responsable, I consider myself responsible; tu ne t'es pas regardé(e)! Look who's talking!
to smell; to taste; to feel; to be aware of, be conscious of; faire sentir qqch à qqn, to impress someone with a sense of something; il sent de choses de loin, he can foretell events; je ne peux pas la sentir, I can stand/bear her; je sens qu'il a raison, I have a sense that he is right; se faire sentir, to make oneself/itself felt; cela ne sent pas bon, I don't like the smell/look of it; se sentir, to feel oneself, to feel, be conscious,to feel the effects of (de); il se sentait mourir, I felt that he was dying; il se sent honoré, he feels honored; il ne se sent pas de joie, he is quite overjoyed, sentir le chagrin, to feel sorrow; sentir bon(mauvais), to smell good(bad)
to see; je ne le vois pas, I can't see it; t'as vu mon manteau? have you seen my coat? to see, understand, get (Infml); je ne vois pas pourquoi il ne veut pas venir, I don't get understand why he won't come; tu vois?, vous voyez? you see?, see? (Infml), (at end of sentence) get it? (at meeting) to see; aller ~ un médecin, to go and see a doctor; je peux vous ~ à 16h I can see you at 4pm; ~ à faire qch, to be sure to do sth; ~ à ce que, to be sure that, to see to it that; to be visible, show; ça ne se voit pas, you can't see it, it doesn't show; ceci est à voir, it remains to be seen; faire voir, to show, let see; il ne voit personne, he sees no company; je l'ai vu de mes propres yeux, I have seen it with my own eyes; je ne vois point à quoi cela peut servir, I don't see what use that can serve; je vois bien quelle est son intention, I see plainly what he is driving at; je vous vois venir, I see what you are driving at; n'y voir goutte, not to see a bit; on n'a jamais rien vu de pareil, the like was never seen before; que vois-je? What do I see? se faire voir, to show oneself, appear; vit-on jamais rien d'égal? was anything like it ever seen? voir de loin, to be far-sighted; voir le jour, to be born; voir tout en beau, to see the bright side of everything; se voir, to see oneself, to see one another; cela se voit tout seul, that is obvious; il ne se voient point, they are not on visiting terms
to adore; to worship
to love, be in love; je t'aime, I love you; to like, be fond of; aimeriez-vous venir? would you like to come?; ~ faire, (usually literary), ~ de faire qqch, to like doing something; ne pas ~, to dislike (faire, doing); j'aime à croire que... I would like to (rather)think that... ; il aime à monter à cheval, he delights in horse-riding; Il aime sa personne, he love his own dear self; qui m'aime me suive! Let he/she who loves me follow me! se faire aimer, to endear oneself (to); aimer mieux, to prefer, like more
to desire, to want; usually frm); to desire a woman; ~ faire, to wish to do; que désirez-vous? how can I help you?; laisser beaucoup à ~, to leave much to be desired; se faire ~ (Infml), to play hard to get
to hate, detest; ~ (de) faire, to hate doing; Je déteste d'attendre, I hate to wait
to hope for help, success; ~ que, to hope that; ~ faire, to hope to do; to have faith; ~ en, to trust in, have faith in somebody, God
to prefer; je préfére ne pas sortir, I prefer not to go out
to wish for; ~ qch à qn to wish sb sth; ~ que to hope that; je vous souhaite le bonjour, I wish you a good morning; à souhait, to one's liking; je vous en souhaite (iron.), Wouldn't you like to get it!
to want (de, from); ~ faire, to want to do; ~ que qn fasse, to want sb to do; to expect sb to do; ~ dire, to mean; Que voulez-vous dire par là? What do you mean by that? En vouloir à qqn, to bear a grudge aginst someone; il ne sait pas ce qu'il veut, he does not know his own mind or what he wants; il veux (seulement) que cela soit, he will (only)have it so; vouloir du bien à qqn, to wish some one well; s'en vouloir de, to be angry with oneself for; bon (mauvais) vouloir, good or bad will; oui, je (le) veux bien, yes, I am willing
to go (à, en, to, vers, towards); ~ à Paris en voiture/à velo, to drive/ride to Paris; ~ à, to suit somebody; ~ bien, to be well, be going well; ~ mal to be unwell, be having problems; comment vas-tu?, comment allez-vous? How are you?; Je vais bien, I'm fine; "on fait ~" "shouldn't complain"; (Infml) je n'irais pas jusqu'à dire que..., I wouldn't go as far as saying that...; (Infml) je n'irais pas jusque là, I wouldn't go that far;