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accepter - to accept
refuser - to refuse
aller - to go
venir - to come
arriver - to arrive
partir- to leave
commencer - to begin
finir - to finish
terminer - to end
demander - to ask
repondre - to ask
donner - to give
prendre - to take
recevoir - to recieve
emprunter - to borrow
preter - to lend
fermer - to close
ouvrir - to open
jouer - to play
travailler - to work
monter - to go up
descendre - to go down
obeir - to obey
desobeir - to disobey
oter - to remove , take off
mettre - to put on
perdre - to lose
trouver - to find
gagner - to win
pleurer - to cry
rire- to laugh
vivre - to live
mourir - to die
voici - here is, here are
voila - there is, there are