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I am going to speak.
Je vais parler.
You are going to speak.
Tu vas parler.
il va parler
he has yet to speak
you(pl.) have yet to sell
Vous allez vendre.
Nous allons parler.
we are going to finish
They are going to sell.
Ils vont vendre.
Elle parlerai
She will talk.
I will buy.
we will finish.
nous finirons.
you(sin.) will watch.
tu regarderas.
ils couriront avec moi.
they will run with me.
vous vendrez moi une chat.
you(pl.) will sell me a cat.
elles ne parlent pas.
they(f.) dont speak.
we are going to finish washing ourselves tonight.
nous allons finir nous lavons la nuit.
They(f.) were born in the hospital.
Elles sont nées dans l'hôpital