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to be a question of, be about
s'en aller
to go away
se divertir
to have a good time, enjoy oneself
to be called
Je m'appelle
s'approcher de
to approach, come near
Warning! Step away from the vehicle!
to lean
What you do over the all to kiss the Blimey Stone
to sit down
Utilize the chair
s'attendre a
to expect
I don't suppose they'll have it...
se battre
to fight
se charger de
to take care of, undertake
Take charge!
se demander
to wonder
Hmmm, I _______
se diriger vers
to head for, go toward
se douter de
to suspect
Hmm, she's suspicious!
to fall asleep
What'd I'd like to do every morning when my head bobs
to get bored
What happens often to people with small attention spans
se garder de
to beware of, take care not to
Better not do that...
se lever
to get up, rise
What I hate to do every morning
se marier a (avec)
to marry, get married (to)
The union of two ppl
se mettre a
to begin to
se nommer
to be called
2 b kalld
s'occuper de
to attend to, look after, take charge of
I'll take care of that!
se passer
to happen
se passer de
to do without
I don't need that...
se plaindre
to complain
What ppl like to do for fun
se porter
to feel (of health)
Physical status
se rappeler
to recall, remember
Ahh! Je me souviens...
se remettre
to recover
What ppl do in ICU
se rendre
to surrender, yield
I ________, I'm yours!
se rendre a
to go to
2 go 2
se retourner
to turn around
Rotate oneself
se réunir
to meet
I'll __________ you at the café
se sauver
to run away, escape
Save yourself! Get away!
se servir de
to use
se tromper
to be mistaken, make a mistake
To fool yourself about the right way
se tromper de
to be wrong about, take the wrong
Whoops, that ain't right...
se trouver
to be, be situated
se vanter
to boast
I'm the best!
s'abonner a
to subscribe to
What you do to receive magazines
to agree
I'll buy that
s'accoutumer a
se faire a
s'habituer a
to get used to
To become more accustomed to
s'adresser a
to apply to, refer to
To use knowledge in a certain case, to ______ it
to stop
se baigner
to bathe
to cleanse oneself
se blesser
to hurt oneself, to hurt
Ow, I gave myself a papercut!
se casser la jambe
to break one's leg
What I hope to never do with the help of lots of calcium
se coiffer
to put on one's hat, arrange one's hair
I have to do my hair up!
se coucher
to lie down, go to bed, set
What I want to do all the time
se débarrasser de
to get rid of
To loose something away
se dépecher
se hater
se presser
to hurry
Vite Vite Vite!
se déshabiller
to get undressed
Get those wet clothes off!
to escape
to get away
to exclaim
When one uses at "!"
s'efforcer de
to strive to
Work for
to move off, go farther away
What you do when you go away to college
s'emparer de
to get hold of
grab on
to catch cold
Get away from me, I don't want your cold!
s'étonner (de)
to be astonished, be surprised (at)
se facher(contre)
to get angry (with)
R'argh to you! \_/
se faire mal
to hurt oneself, get hurt
se fier a
to trust
I'm _________ you on this one
se figurer
to imagine
to dress, get dressed
Put clothes on
se tourmenter
to worry
Oh no oh no oh no
s'intéresser a
to be interested in
Hmm, that looks cool.....I'll look into that
se laver
to wash, get washed
What you do to your hands before you eat dinner
se méfier de
to mistrust, beware of
Hmm, I don't like the looks of that...
se mettre en colere
to get angry, lose one's temper
To reach one's boiling point
se mettre en route
to start out
Lets commence at this point
se moquer de
to make fun of, laugh
If you laugh, and they don't, you just bullied
se noyer
to drown
When you can't breathe underwater
se moucher
to blow one's nose
I need a tissue...
se peigner
to comb one's hair
What you do to get rid of the notes in your hair
se pencher
to lean
What the Tour of Pisza does...
se précipiter
to rush
What Americans do when they're always late
se procurer
to obtain, get
se promener
to take a walk
Lets promenade!
se quereller
to quarrel
Stop fighting you squirrels!
se raser
to shave
What women do to their legs and men to their faces
se rendre compte de
to realize
Oh! I see now
se reposer
to rest
Mmm, relaxation
se réveiller
to wake up
What I loathe doing in the morning
se sentir
to feel
I ______ fine!
se souvenir de
to remember
Ahh, je me rappelle
se taire de
to be silent, keep quiet
se tirer d'affaire
to get along, get out of difficulty
Ahh, now that that problem's over...