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1. a need or desire that energizes ones behavior and directs it, 2. any activity performed by another to get someone else to meet an organizational goal
Motivation :)
food, drink, shelter, sexual satisfaction, and other bodily requirements
Physiological needs
Security and protection from physical and emotional harm
Safety needs
Growth, achieving ones potential, and self fulfillment; the drive to become what one is capable of becoming
Self-actualization needs
according to McGregor, the negative view of the nature of human beings
Theory X
according to McGregor, a positive view of the nature of human beings
Theory Y
People or things to which we compare ourselves
The drive to excel, to achieve in relation to a set of standards, to strive to succeed
Need for achievement
The need to make others behave in a way that they would not have behaved otherwise
Need for POWER >:O
The desire for friendly and close interpersonal relationships
Need for affiliation
Method of increasing motivation by allowing employees to assume some of the tasks typically done by their supervisor
Job enrichment