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Chill out
Calmate, relajate
It's not fair
No es justo
I don't care
No me importa
How dare you
Como te atreves
What a day
Vaya dia
I'm worn out
Estoy agotado
Leave him alone
Dejale en paz
What's the matter?
Cual es el problema
Mind your own business
Metete en tus asuntos
What have you been up to?
Que has hecho hasta ahora
It's up to you
Tu eliges
I see what you mean
Veo a que te refieres
I must have made a mistake
He debido cometer un error
I've told you once and I'll tell you again
Te digo y te repito
It serves him right
Le viene bien empleado
Have you any idea what they do to them
Tienes idea de que les hiceron a ellos