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un modo de vida
Segun el....
According to him...
Si mal no recuerdo...
If I'm not wrong about what I said before...
Por lo general...
In general...
En realidad...
In fact...
el efecto invernadero
the greenhouse effect
el medio ambiente
the environment
!Desde luego!
Of course! At once!
Desde que...
Por casualidad...
By chance...
De mal en peor...
From bad to worse...
De chuparse los dedos
Finger-licking good (but appropriate for formal social events)
Sonar de gratis
To dream is free
No me cabe en la cabeza!
I don't believe it! (Lit: It doesn't fit in my head!)
A sus anchas
At one's ease, at one's leisure
!Dichosos los ojos que lo(la, te) ven!
So nice to see you! (Lit: Fortunate the eyes that see you!)
!Que molestia!
What a bother!
Me da lo mismo/Me da igual
It's all the same to me
Me da pena
It makes me sad
Me da gusto
It gives me pleasure
!No me diga!
You don't say!
Contar con
to count on

to have
A lo mejor
Se sacan los panales al sol
to air your dirty laundry (lit: to hang out your diapers to the sun)
Cambiando de tema...
Changing the subject...
concertar una cita
to set up an appointment
Algo es mejor que nada
Something is better than nothing
Vale la pena que...
It is worth it for...
Ya no importa
De todas formas...
Either way...
A que se debe su visita?

Cual es el proposito de su visita?
What is the purpose of your visit?
Lo que pasa es que
What happened is that...
A mi me pasa
That's happened to me
Echar la casa por la ventana
To make a mess (lit: to throw the house out the window)
Se me paso la mano
It is more than is necessary
De la noche a la manana
Mientras tanto...
En cuanto...
As for...
por si acaso
just in case
hacer como que...
to pretend
a eso de
around (a certain time)...
ni siquiera
doesn't/don't even have
para hacerse oir
to make oneself heard
a la vez
at the same time
Que hay que hacer?
What is there to do?
Dejeme en paz!
Leave me alone!
so, thus, so that
así como
just as, as well as
así que
so that
Ya que
Debido a
No obstante
sin embargo
Por lo tanto
Por consiguiente
Así es que
Ademas de
no solo...sino
not only....but
A pesar de que
In spite of the fact that...
En cambio...
on the other hand...
A menos que
Con tal de que
on condition that
cosas así
things like that
Quisiera informarle a mi colega...
I would like to inform my colleague...
Quisiera hacerle unas preguntas...
I would like to ask you some questions...
Regresando (a?) el tema...
Returning to the subject...
Continuando con la entrevista...
Continuing w/the interview...
Déjeme informarle....(lo que Ud. dijo)
Let me tell him/her....(what you said)
lo bueno
lo malo
lo importante
lo peligro
lo mismo
the good thing
the bad thing
the important thing
the dangerous thing
the same thing
hablaba para mí
I was talking to myself