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What is the main drug class for treating AD?
acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
What are the characteristics of AD?
1.) progressive memory loss
2.) impaired thinking
3.) neuropsychiatric symptoms
4.) inability to perform routine ADLs
_________ is a protein that in healthy neurons serves to maintain the orderly arrangement of neurotubules.
What is Sundowner’s syndrome?
Intensified AD symptoms in the evening.
How do cholinesterase inhibitors work?
By increasing the availability of acetylcholine at cholinergic synapses and thereby enhance transmission by cholinergic neurons that have not yet been destroyed by AD.
List the common effects of cholinesterase inhibitors.
___________ is the first representative of a new class of drugs for AD
How does Memanine work?
By modulating the effects of glutamate at NMDA receptors.