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The ________ _______ is the second largest ocean and the saltiest ocean in the world.
Atlantic Ocean
Why is the Atlantic Ocean considered an important ocean for commerce?
Because it sits between the largest world businesses of the U.S. and Europe.
_____% of the earth's surface is water.
Name some of the fish that were once found in the Atlantic Ocean?
1. cod
2. herring
3. tuna
4. perch
What other sea creatures are found in the Atlantic Ocean?
1. clams
2. scallops
3. lobster
4. crab
How are the oceans rich in minerals?
The ocean current bring the minerals from the west coast of Africa to the surface where plant life uses them.
______ _______ and ____ _____ are large sea creatures that depend on debris to float down to them.
Sperm whale and giant squids
Name fish that produce their own light, deep on the ocean floor.
1. lantern fish
2. angler fish
Give 5 facts about the Atlantic Ocean:
1.Second largest ocean
2.Saltiest ocean
3.Important ocean for trade
4.Once contained the major fishing grounds
5.It borders four continents
Why has the fishing industry in the Atlantic declined?
Because the waters of the Atlantic Ocean were heavily fished for so many years, the number of fish has declined. Now there are restrictions on fishing in the Atlantic.
What is one of the main factors that determines where a fish can live?
water temperature