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In the 1600s, the world powers were ___ and ____.
England and Spain
After the defeat of the ____, England became the world's primary world power.
Spanish Armada
The ___ and ____ restricted who could come to the New World.
Spanish and French
The Spanish sent ___,___, ___ and _____ to the New World.
nobleman, soldiers, slaves and priest
The French sent ___ and ____ citizens.
appointed and approved
The French _____ were not allowed to go to the New World.
French huegenots
6 reasons why the English came to the New World: 1 2 3 4 5 6
1)desire for money
2)to own land
3)desire for work
4)desire for political freedom
5)religious freedom
6)desire for adventure
Give the hardships of the colonists:
1)the search for food and shelter was difficult
2)the colonists did not bring enough food
3)1/2 of Jamestown died of scurvy
4)the Indians were a constant problem