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How is Lewis and Clark pave the way for westward expansion?
Lewis and Clark were comissioned by Jefferson to find a route to the Pacific
How is Zebulon Pike pave the way for westward expansion?
Pike was sent to find the northorn source of the Mississippi River
How did Daniel Boone pave the way for westward expansion?
Boone opened up the Great Wagon Rd and Wilderness Rd
Why did people migrate west?
Farmland, new start, money making opportunities, gold, fur, open stores, logging ranches, and cattle
What is the term that means US was bound to spread from the Atlantic to Pacific?
Manifest Destiny
What territories were added to US in the early 1800's?
LA, FL, Northwest Territory, Tx, CA, NM
What were the effects of expansion on Native Americans?
disease, lost hunting ground and food sources,
What was the march of Cherokees from GA to OK called?
Trail of Tears
How were the Oregon Trail and Sante Fe trails used differently?
O= used by families
SF = Used by business and military
How did the North and South differ economically before the war?
North =Industrial
South =Agricultural
What was the turning point of the Civil War?
Battle of Gettysburg
What did Frederick Douglas, William Lloyd, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Beecher Stowe have in common
They were abolitionists who wanted to end slavery
What was Lincoln's plan called for rebuilding the south
having to do with the gov't
use of new ideas to make tools that improve people's lives