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Functions of sleep...
function of sleep is scientifically unknown, other than restorative.
stage II is
light sleep
stage III is
medium sleep
all mammals dream, T/F
REM purpose
process sensory info,

assist in problem solving,
consolidate long term memory.

REM is a time of cognitive and emotional restoration
stage IV
deep profound sleep
metabolic rate is very low at this point
stage I...
floaty, dreamy, lids are heavy.
sleep apnea
you stop breathing for 10 seconds or more while asleep. Linked to allergies and obesity and SIDS.
sleep deprivation
prolonged periods of time of lack of sleep.
excessive daytime sleepiness
first symptom of being sleep deprived
irritable and clumsiness are first things noticed!!

Causing a public health problem
things that happen while you are asleep that should happen when you are awake.
night terrors
everybody but the child is awake. Usu at age 4-7 years old.
We are conscious in every stage of rest, T/F
infant born to a nonmedicated mother is born awake, T/F
Most infants can sleep through the night by age 3-4 months...t/f
Elderly people need more sleep ? t/f
false, they need the same amt as other ages
factors that affect sleep...
anything... what you eat, cold, if you are in debt, medications, mattress, pillow, noise, etc.
Will a glass of warm milk help you fall asleep?
yes, has l-tryptophan which helps promote sleep.
Sleep is subjective. If pt says they did not sleep well, believe them. Ask them to rate on a scale of 1-10.
Best indicator for how well someone has slept....
is do they feel restored and ready for the day?

Best question to ask is did your sleep restore you?
planning and implementation for sleep is called....
sleep hygiene
sleep hygiene
Bedtime rituals can help prepare us for presleep and stage one.

no noise, no light, no stimulation is usu. ideal.